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Corona Virus

Ja  Rhule

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On 2/14/2021 at 7:42 AM, stirs said:

Telling people that nobody is a hero is not being hard on pols.  They have enough to now to answer to their own.

Vaccinations however seem to be having a good effect.

Death numbers dropping substantially and about pre Thanksgiving levels now

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1 hour ago, CRA said:

Gov. Cooper accelerates dates for next groups to receive COVID-19 vaccine in N.C. (wbtv.com)

FYI - sounds like NC is trying to open up a ton of people to qualify for vaccination.  

are you over 16? Have you ever smoked 100 cigarette in your lifetime?  You would qualify starting March 24th 

How about they finish the elderly first! Parents are still waiting on their shots. 

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6 hours ago, The NFL Shield At Midfield said:

Texas has decided the pandemic is over.  I guess we'll see if that's another big brain idea shortly.

Was going into the office for a little while Saturday morning and the local Cracker Barrel parking lot was overflowing, the mall was jammed and there was more traffic on the roads than I've seen in a year.

What does this mean? I'll be watching the numbers surge again around March 8-12.

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21 hours ago, CLTPanther said:

I went to get my first Pfizer shot today and going south on 85 when I passed Concord mills, the traffic to get off on that exit was backed up at least a mile. People are definitely going out a lot more now.

They just got $1400+ free money 

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56 minutes ago, Aquemini said:

At the start it was like, don't worry if you exhibit coronavirus symptoms, you probably don't have coronavirus, it could be the flu or cold, because coronavirus symptoms are the same as cold, flu

Now it's .. flu down 98% ... flu disappeared .. yes, idiots because coronavirus is the flu renamed you fuging braindead scum.

Nothing like the flu. I had covid in October. Muscle aches fatigue and lost taste.  Took me 4 days to feel better.  

1 hour ago, Aquemini said:

Can someone tell me why I should want a vaccine when I've been following none of the CDC guidelines and haven't gotten sick?


Event 201 .. Oct 18 2019 ... same day the Military World Games began in Wuhan, China

So you don't die.  But don't get it and take that chance.  You have just been lucky so far. 

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Imagine being so brainwashed that you think a disease that has killed 2.7 million people world wide 540 thousand of your countrymen is some sort of political game...


We should be able to Baker Act covid deniers

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