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Today was a bad day.....but Sam??

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This year is when we address the offense.  Correct me if I am wrong--but the big picture is coming clear in my head--and that could be dangerously flawed.

Last year, we brought in Teddy on what is basically a 2-year deal with a year three option.  Brady loved him.  We liked Herbert,  but not seriously enough to make a move. 

When building a team, get the defense right first.  We had players like Irvin, McCoy, Reid, Poe--- and they needed to be gone.  We drafted 100% defense. While I still see some holes, we should only get better in 2021, as players rise from rookies into experienced veterans.

We did not want to build the OL until we knew what kind of QB we were going to have.  We know what type Brady has been successful with, and after Trevor, you probably have to skip to Trask or Jones before there is another.  Once we get the QB, we will be able to address the OL and TE spots.

My take on the top QBs:

Trevor:  Great, and already gone.  Put a jags hat on him--glad he is in the AFC.  He and Norwell can get a VW mini van and paint giant peace signs and daisies on it.  (said that out of anger)

Fields:  The Ohio State QB drought strongly suggests that the school has a system and type that disappoints in the pros.  Fields could be the person to change that, but games of late have shown areas of weakness.  How high were we on previous OSU QBs?  What happens to them?

Wilson:  I like him, but there is something to him that bothers me.  He needs a clean pocket and he throws a good ball, but I do not see top five pick.  Sorry, but if he is there at 8 or 9, maybe?  Personally, I think he is the second QB taken.

Lance: He has been overhyped, but is it deserved?  I like his skill set, and he can run.  There is at least a year of holding a clipboard ahead of him.  I would take him at #8 or 9, but is trading back an option that would be worth a perceived drop off at QB? Not sure he is a Brady guy and with so much hype and so little quality competition, he is a high risk pick.  That could cause him to drop, but not past a team in desperate need of a QB.  A team like New England.  Expect NE to trade up or sit there waiting for Trask or Jones.

Jones/Trask:  Not mobile, but neither was/is Burrow.  Both have been deadly accurate this season--would they be on different teams with more pressure?  Both have a few pass catchers that make them look better than they are, and both have good OLs.  Trask has an All-American TE and Jones has 3 WRs that will go in the first round--and a LT.  How good are they?  Well, they have been very good.  Personally, I think one of these QBs will be the Panther pick--maybe we trade back a few spots--we shall see.

Could the Panthers trade back and take a second or third rounder from someone?  Is Lance better than Trask+a solid LT?

The project:  Jamie Newman.  The adjective you need to use with Newman is, "A poor man's...."  He is not there yet, and really needed this season at Wake or Georgia.  If you take him, you could have a diamond in the rough, but that is a huge gamble.  I see baby Cam-- 6'4, 230, A good runner, an inaccurate passer, a player with good pocket presence.  Better in short and intermediate passes.  Run to set up pass, not pass to set up run kinda guy.  Smart and from Graham NC.

The hidden Gem:  Brock Purdy.  The QB I see the Panthers taking that will send this fan base into convulsions is Brock Purdy.  He is small (6 footer) and he has an average arm.  However, he has incredibly fast field vision and stays calm in the pocket.  He has not played behind a solid offensive line and his WRs/TEs are not great.  Yet he is accurate and smart with the football.  That does not show up in his stats (18-9) because he has to take chances and has few weapons, but do not let his stats fool you--playing from behind you have to take chances.  Think Brees here--because that is what he is and what he can be.  I would not be surprised to see New Orleans take him in the second or third round and let him spend a year or two watching.


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On 12/27/2020 at 11:12 PM, slumdogmillionaire said:

2 things.....if Teddy starts next year I don’t care how improved our team is he stinks and isn’t a winner so we will have a top 8 pick.   Sam isn’t a lock to be a top 7 pick.  

Correct because he is actually a lock to be a top 1 pick

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On 12/28/2020 at 7:20 AM, LinvilleGorge said:

Yeah he is. Dude puts up video game stats, is at his best in the 4th quarter, and has a jaw dropping deep ball. The guy is made for the modern NFL. Ten years ago, teams would've knocked him for his height but these days it's not even gonna draw a second glance.

If I couldn't get their game on TV I streamed them.  Howell is freaking legit.   He's fortunate to have an amazing running game but you can partially attribute it to his amazing passing skills.  They absolutely destroyed Miami.  Had to be the greatest asswhooping I ever saw against a top 25 team.  I was over before Miami could catch their second wind. 

It's Sam Howell a Carolina Boy.  How awesome would it be for Carolina to have a home grown run this team for a decade or two. 


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On 12/28/2020 at 8:27 AM, catnip said:

I'm in the camp that you never tank a team to get a high draft pick .  The patriots never tanked and most always picked last .

Players want to win and coaches want to win . Its up to the GM to draft the right players  Jake got us to the SB and he was not a high draft pick .  To be a consistent winner you will always pick later in the draft so you must have a system to win .  Top pick QBs are like the lottery . You never know if you will get lucky .

Wise words.

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