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1 hour ago, Captain Morgan said:

there is something about teams that keep winning games they shouldn't.....still pissed at that defensive effort, but as noted above, a win is a win.

They remind me of the 2003 Panthers

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Great comeback win. Its so blatantly obvious where our greatest weakness is. Zeller is not a starting center. He is too weak going after rebounds and battling down low. The coaching staff clearly knows it because they keep him out in the clutch moments. If we address our center position at the trade deadline, this team can be really really good

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2 hours ago, HardcoreHokie said:


How doo you doooo!


good job.  I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan, but I didn't hear the gravel in his gut part.  All fits together now and makes me like Eric even more.

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6 minutes ago, Captain Morgan said:


good job.  I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan, but I didn't hear the gravel in his gut part.  All fits together now and makes me like Eric even more.

I was listening to the ESPN guys watching the Hornets (Eric and Dell) live...Terry Rozier nails a shot and Eric yells “WITH GRAVEL IN HIS GUTS AND SPIT IN HIS EYE!!!!”

ESPN dude basically says “so gravel..somewhere...or something. Great shot”

Had to look it up.  Johnny Cash explains both quotes.  Cool song BTW, never heard it before.

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So tired of our young bigs sitting while Zeller plays big minutes. We are struggling defensively with Zeller as our center. We cannot beat good teams consistently. We try to pack the paint to compensate. Teams just get open threes when we do. 

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On 3/16/2021 at 12:07 PM, HardcoreHokie said:

Eric Martin last night:  “Gravel in his gut and spit in his eye”

Assuming this is also the origin of “How Dooo You Doooo”


Johnny Cash:  A Boy Named Sue


The “how doooo yooooou doooo!” bit has been used for ages by Rick Jeanneret of the Sabres.. it’s a good one. 

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The question is - do we want to use Zeller's $13m to address the center position now or in the offseason?

I can't stand him anymore.. JB sat him in the 1st half for the rest of the game because he was atrocious.. LA kept switching him onto LeBron and he was bbq chicken 🐔 💀..

I think we gotta make something happen..

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    • It's hard to say.  I've read that the reason that Buzbee and company have brought up settling is that they perceive problems with the case. That being said, I think that many people are going to be able to overlook this issue, give him an opportunity to resume his career, and keep a mental leash on him at the very least and watch whether or not he's learned lessons and stays out of trouble. 
    • As I stated earlier, Bridges is on another level since Hayward went down with the foot injury. I wonder if Mitch is regretting signing him to that big contract now. If Miles could have been playing like this the whole time it makes Hayward an expensive luxury at best. Miles has played mostly well all season, but not like he has since he cracked the starting lineup. He is probably the best player on the team currently. Miles is at least playing like he is the best anyway. I have the feeling Devonte will get a contract before Monk. He is a local kid and more consistent player. PJ is still figuring things out. Miles didn't look much better last year. I've never been impressed with Monk. He has always reminded me of Bobcats era Ben Gordon, way too streaky. Let some other team have him. Yeah, Rozier seems out of it. Dude needs some rest. I don't remember seeing anything about Ball getting hurt. He was rotating his wrist a lot on the sidelines though. Graham was also balling out, so it didn't make sense to pull him in favor of Melo.
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