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NFL Playoff roll call


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    • There are so many problem with the knee-jerk-Cam's-done hot takes. Did you even watch the game?  Did you see our OLine?  Yea, it was the worst it's been all season. Do you judge a QB by one game, really?  Why not choose Sam's game against the Jets, or Saints and judge him on that?  Or TB5's first game against Atlanta last year? And again, did you watch the game?  Did you really look at those plays?  Why is it that our receivers are not running open?  It seems that there is always a contested catch or defender closing down.  Our play design is not very good. It's so disheartening to see our fan base act like a bunch of children when it comes to their "hot takes".  I said it when Cam came in and I'll keep saying it now.  He may succeed or he may fail, but we won't know if Cam is still an NFL QB until the season is over.  We brought a guy off his couch to play the hardest position in football on a team that isn't very good.  Two weeks in we can't suddenly determine his success or failure.
    • Looking at Cams career and the fact he doesn't want to QB2, I wouldn't be surprised if he retires after this year. NE was his best bet to comeback and be relevant again but the NFL spoke with no takers after he was let go. He's back home and can retire as a Panther, we owe him for those great years, years that probably shorten his career. I hope I'm wrong but it may be time for Cam to protect himself and start raising his kids. It sounded like he enjoyed the downtime this season with his family and this team is too green for a vet like him. Luke knew when it was time to go and I hope Cam will know too. It going to be a couple of years to sort out this team and build a above average O line.
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