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Washington Football Team finalizing deal with Marty Hurney

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1 hour ago, Mr. Scot said:

Here's a fun contrast...

"Marty Hurney is one of the best recognizers of college talent in the nation, period."

- David Tepper

"I am not an evaluator at all."

- Marty Hurney

It's not exactly incorrect. Rhule was considered to be a pretty talented college coach. 

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5 hours ago, Waldo said:

Those two have never put a winning team on the field. Marty  and Ron. It's a dynamically bad duo.

Why anyone would expect anything different is beyond me. All they do is lose together. 4.5ish years and yup, no winning. This is built to fail.

Hurney never had the luxury of prime Cam Newton.

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3 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Marty was still the guy with final say. Likewise, he hired all the people that gave him info. So ultimately he still gets credit for the good choices, and blame for the bad ones.

I'd also have to imagine that as time went on, his confidence in his own abilities probably got better. This was written in 2004. Marty was here for many years after that.

We also know on the word of other Insiders that in later years here, Marty would sometimes make choices the scouts disagreed with or had to talk him out of (trading a future first rounder to move up for Clausen, as an example).

What’s your source on moving up to grab Clausen? You’ve been saying that for years but have never provided a documented source.

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11 hours ago, stbugs said:

Too bad Tepper and Rhule didn’t see this and stop it.

They did see it, and as a group they (all 3) agreed to making the move.

David Tepper would never cede that level of control to anyone, and especially not The Hurndog.

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8 hours ago, Beerfacedlegend said:
8 hours ago, SizzleBuzz said:

Hurndog's vmail at the Panthers office is still active...

...if any of you want to call and wish him well hit me up and I'll get the number to you.

I believe Tepper & Co. will run circles around the Redskins over next 5-10 years but if they don't....oh my!


Don’t kick the man when he’s down . Hurney brought good talent 

Certainly not my intent to kick the Hurndog.

In fact, I don't think anyone can really say how good of a GM the Hurndog may or may-not be because he's never really had the job in its true sense...

...Richardson was always pulling strings and dictating bad signings/contracts, etc...

...under Tepper he wasn't the "GM" from the get-go.

The Redskins job will be his first chance at functioning as a traditional NFL GM.

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By most accounts the men are very friendly and have a tremendous amount of professional respect for one another. They understand their compatibility fully, and presumably neither’s ego is so large that one is uncomfortable being deferential to the other.

In my opinion, Ron needs someone in the GM role whom he trusts implicitly, and whom he can count on to show loyalty to him, even - perhaps especially - above the owner. He needs someone who can execute his vision for the team without much oversight, but who can also serve as an experienced sounding board for difficult decisions. On those terms, it’s hard to think of anyone better for the role than Hurney.



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2 hours ago, Swaggasaurus said:

Hurney is the best GM we ever had. Sooo much hate. Kelvin Benjamin says hi. 

This is the best poo sandwich I've ever eaten said absolutely nobody. 

When all your options are turds you cant really argue about which one tastes best.

Edited by SmokinwithWilly
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2 hours ago, Swaggasaurus said:

Hurney is the best GM we ever had. Sooo much hate. Kelvin Benjamin says hi. 

The Panthers have an overall record of 200-215-1.

Our record with Hurney is 107-133.

Our record without Hurney is 93-82-1.

We are literally a losing franchise because of the Hurney eras. Outside of Marty Hurney years we are actually a winning franchise.

For a brief period under Gettleman we became an all-time winning franchise, then we had Hurney 2.0 to put us a full winning season behind the 8 ball again.

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2 hours ago, Swaggasaurus said:

Hurney is the best GM we ever had. Sooo much hate. Kelvin Benjamin says hi. 

Poo this man till he has zero rep left. 

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