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Kiper Mock 2.0: Mac Jones to Panthers at #8.


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1 minute ago, CarolinaNCSU said:

I mean, his BEST case scenario is Matt Ryan?  I'd take prime Matt Ryan obviously, but theres like a 5% chance he's even that good?  Would be about the most disappointing pick possible IMO. 

If QBs fly off the board, give me the #1 OT, WR, DE, DT, CB, whatever as opposed to the #5 QB. 

Agreed. If the big 4 QBs are gone give me whoever’s left out of Parsons/Sewell/Chase/Slater

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If the Panthers pick Jones, I'll be okay with it, given Rhule coached him in the Senior bowl. I don't think they will, and I definitely don't think they would with Lance still on the board. If Lance is gone, I'd rather they pick the best OT/CB there or better still, trade back and accumulate picks.

If Rhule does wind up picking Jones, he better be right. I think fans will forgive him if he picks Lance and it turns bad, but not Jones.

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    • With 3-weeks of data teams are starting to form identities that show up in statistics. Obviously three games is a small sample size, but I thought it would be interesting to visualize the simple rating system (SRS) of each team's offense and defense. (source: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2021/index.htm) SRS is a points-based metric that gives a measure of team quality vs average (0); Higher is better. It DOES take into account the quality of opponent. Based on SRS, the Panthers have the 2nd best defense through three weeks and a slightly above average offense (shown below). We are also in the top-right segment of the chart which is where good teams live. I'm excited about the early results. 🥳 The visualization also shows that our Panthers will have a good test of their defense when they square off against Dallas who is currently sporting the 2nd rated offense according to SRS. On the plus side, the Dallas defense rates below the Panthers three previous opponents. Projected Score Panthers 30 Dallas 22  
    • We are trading players for assets and we already have depth to replace those players.  Arnold was at his ceiling. Tremble can do the same things he was doing and more. Perryman was garbage and I am glad we were able to get anything for him. Our 2nd coverage LB barely sees the field anyway.  OL are not easy to find, half the league has questionable starters on their OL. Maybe we can find someone that wants to trade for Elf next? 
    • You're the clown with the "fug Trump" username on a football message board. 
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