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ohhhhhhh boy. sounds like watson is getting traded. per jim trotter


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13 minutes ago, joemac said:

Lamar Jackson and John Allen are more of a sure thing than Deshaun Watson?

ThT dude has been posting dumb poo for months on here. Some other posters are like “is he even really that good?” Like what the fug.

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I don't really care where exactly you want to rank Watson among NFL QBs. All I know is he's up there. He's a legit MVP caliber QB. Hell yes I want him if we can get him. If we can't, then he was always overrated and the team that trades for him gave up way too much. Sorry, not sorry.

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1 minute ago, Kentucky Panther said:

Lol, Lamar Jackson is not in the same stratosphere as Deshaun as a QB. Allen isn’t better either. I think you could argue there’s max 3 or 4 guys better than Watson right now. 

Better QB's right now than Deshaun Watson:

1. Patrick Mahomes

2. Aaron Rodgers

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4 minutes ago, TheRumGone said:

Y’all need to go watch some Texans games the past 2 years. Dude is fuging amazing.

total coincidence that everyone with "cop" in their username hates the idea of trading for him regardless 

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Regardless of where anyone ranks Deshaun Watson, I think it's super clear that EVERYONE sees him as a Top 10 in the league type QB.  You can win a Super Bowl with ANY of those guys.

Nothing is official until it's official, and the price is definitely gonna be scary, but Deshaun would make our offense incredibly productive.

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