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Kyle Pitts as a WR/TE Good for Carolina ?

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1 hour ago, FuFuLamePoo said:

I love how you bring up positional value, and I whole heartedly agree. I have been adamant on here that you spend first round picks on one of five positions: OT, WR, QB, DE, CB. That's it. That's the list. I don't care about the rest of your roster - you only invest in one of those positions when you're picking first round. Which is why I hated, and still don't like the Derrick Brown pick. Should have taken Wirfs.

Alas, the exception is generational talents at other positions. Quinten Nelson, Luke Kuechly, Aaron Donald, etc. I truly think Pitts is a generational TE prospect, and that's not a label I toss around lightly. He's not solely a TE either, he lined up at WR plenty for the Gators. He's a matchup nightmare for defenses, and truly could be a Gronk/Gates-tier TE. He's worth it if we can't draft one of the four QB's.

I'd rather take Slater

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i don't think people fully understand how much of a problem it would be to coach your linebackers to cover both CMC and a guy like this. It would be comical to see it attempted. when people talk about quarterback and its importance, that's valid. but at what position can we most improve our WAR, for lack of a better football stat, should be the focus. make our team so good that we set up whoever our next quarterback is for success before he even arrives. we had less than ideal QB play last season, but there are available arms that could probably give us neutral 20-25th in the league type performance with as many weapons as we'd have. it could potentially even be teddy, as much as that idea sucks. 

they may have tipped their hand a little by not making a more concerted effort after kyle rudolph if we're looking at stop gap guys to transition that can still provide value. i think he's an absolute consideration when you look around the league at the guys who are matchup nightmares at that position and what they are able to do for you. gronk took a year off and the league still didn't have an answer for it. if you think this kid is george kittle, you better take him. i try to look at it like what addition would the league be most disappointed by for us, and a viable tight end would do SO MUCH in terms of having a large catch radius target with all our smaller WR options. we don't have that 3rd and short guy who can box out and fall forward and it hurt our drives last season especially in the red zone. we fix that we add some real value and simultaneously make this QB opening a sincere landing spot the way the Bucs were built to prepare for Brady inadvertently before he even got there. the build it and he will come strategy. 

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Just now, Jesse said:

The only time a WR (basically what Pitts is projected to play) in the top 10 is if they have a Julio Jones/Calvin Johnson trajectory. Otherwise you can find those guys in rounds 2-4.

Top 10 picks should be: QB; get to the QB; protect the QB. 

I think a lot of people view Pitts as a Blue chip offensive weapon worthy of a top 10 pick .. issue being of a QB being the emphasis on what we are looking for ... I hope Carolina get one of those top rookie Qbs and also trade up and get Pitts ..


like one of these guys

wilson/lance/fields plus Pitts !!!!!! 

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1 hour ago, PhillyB said:

nah we covered it with the arizona dude.

We have Arnold (6-6 225 lb TE) and Sullivan (6-5, 240 lb coverted WR to TE at LSU) are lesser versions of Pitts--so if we take a pass catching TE in round 1, I would expect heads to roll.

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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

Trade up into the early first round twice?


It would cost a lot of future picks .. but im a all in type of fellow .. we are not going to see a prospect like Pitts for awhile .. 


best case lance Wilson or fields falls to us at 8 and Pitts slips down the draft to like 13-15 range and we trade next years 1st #38 , #74 too draft pitts ...

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3 hours ago, Leotiger said:

With Samuels not resigning I think Kyle Pitts has exploded up our draft board ..

I understand Joe Brady’s offense doesn’t respect the TE position like they should ..

But Pitts is more of a WR and I think we need to value him as such ... he is the best pass catcher in this draft regardless of position...

I’m not saying take him at 8 but if we can draft a QB and somehow trade up for him that would be wonderful.. 


Pitts at #8 

Mac Jones/Kyle Trask at #39

 for all you Pitt homer fans 

Trade up for Zach Wilson 

and then trade up again for Kyle Pitts 




DJ AND Kyle Pitts? Even Teddy would look good.

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Unfortunately the top/hyped prospects go to QB ruining teams, the same bottom feeders that ruin perfectly good prospects coming out year after year decade after decade.

Patriots have to look at metrics and base their picks on past performance and not who "could be this" or "that".

Kyle Trask has the stats to back it up. He also had Kyle Pitts 🙂

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2 hours ago, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

I love Pitts tbh,

We would have a wealth of weaponry on offense if only our QB could get them the ball further than two yards from the LOS


Hopefully the staff builds for the future not the short term future. Could you imagine not picking a QB because you don't have good receivers? Using this logic you would be in a circle of doing literally nothing.

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These would have to be off the board for me to take Pitts.

1. Lawrence 

2. Wilson

3. Fields

4. Lance

5. Sewell

6. Slater

7. Chase/Darrisaw


If Chase is available, I'm taking him over Pitts. DJ and Anderson will need to be resigned and having a WR of his caliber would give us more flexibility in the offseason. I really like the idea of Pitts and using him in a Gronk/Hernandez type situation like NE did when they were so successful. 

Ideally if the top 4 are gone, we get Sewell or Slater and I'm perfectly fine with that. Slater seems like a guy with a chip on his shoulder and his footwork is amazing. There's a lot to like there. 

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