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49ers trading up to number 3 with Miami!


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So my take is, that you only move up like this if you love multiple QBs. Picking at nr 3 dont guarantee anything if you only like 1 or 2 players. So they must feel comfortable with 3 of them.

Otherwise it is a very risky move. But hey, what do i know...

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3 minutes ago, Mage said:

I'm of the minority that is cool with rolling with Teddy for another year.  It ain't like this will be the last chance to ever get a franchise QB.  And while I think Teddy is bad, I could also see him overachieving with a 2nd year in the system

This kinda sounds like the worst outcome.  We know Teddy isnt the future long term, so this just hurts draft picks and potential to draft a QB next year.  I'd rather just play someone new just to see if there's any potential (darnold/minshew)

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10 minutes ago, Varking said:

Simms thinks the 49ers moved up for Mac Jones. Gil Brandt thinks they moved up for Trey Lance. 

If the 49ers take Mac Jones there I will be shocked.  And also very happy.

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1 hour ago, HPPantherzfan said:

On ESPN they are thinking it is Trey Lance

Imagine if we can get Fields at 8...  Or even by trading up to 5 or something only giving up an extra 1st...

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1 hour ago, t96 said:

Yeah agree at this point, given what the Niners had to pay to move up I don’t even want to bother trying to move up for a QB now. Hope Lance falls or move onto next year. Bummer but it is what it is, no need to make a dumb move because other teams went QB crazy this year.

100% agree.

It is done. Jets aren't gonna sell their #2 pick. Unless it is a kings ransom. We gotta stay put and go BPA or trade down and prepare for next years draft (QB wise). Also gives us a chance to see what happens to the Watson situation.

Hopefully we can come away with a solid OT or CB after a trade down.

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