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Darnold going to be the next Tannehill or Josh Rosen?

Which one   

48 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one

    • Tannehill like rise and prosper
    • Josh Rosen never can get there
    • A little in between

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1 hour ago, Shotgun said:

Did Brady do that with Teddy? Why do you think that?

Teddy still had his best season of his career with us.  But he is physically limited... we will see what happens with Darnold.

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17 minutes ago, bigdog10 said:

Teddy is physically limited from his injury and also is adverse to taking any chances until the game is on the line. 

Ok so why will Brady make Darnold look great? What bad pro qb has Brady turned around?

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12 minutes ago, Shotgun said:

Ok so why will Brady make Darnold look great? What bad pro qb has Brady turned around?

The QB coach is the one who will turn Darnold around if that is possible 

Brady’s offense is Brady’s offense stolen from Peyton who stole it ....

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They're all three very different scenarios but Darnold has some key similarities to Tannehill.

They were both raw QBs coming out that were going to need a lot of development to succeed. Tannehill was much more raw though since he had only been playing QB for a few years. They both showed flashes until they ran in to the Adam Gase buzzsaw.


Rosen was overhyped from the get go. He was basically a Jimmy Clausen clone. A rich kid who was born and bred to be an NFL player someday. His parents spending thousands and thousands of dollars through his childhood to get him in to pro camps and stuff. He wasn't put in to a horrible situation in Arizona, he was just never that good and did not have a passion for the game.

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1 hour ago, SCO96 said:

Hey guys, Is Josh Rosen still in the league? The last I heard I "thought" he may be with Tampa. Can anyone clarify his status 🤔

Don't quote me but I wanna say he is with the 49ers now... I could be wrong though

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3 minutes ago, Pimpdaddy said:

Hope hes a Delhomme or a B. Johnson...and he dont see any more ghosts...

Pat McAfee's video on the trade cracked me up.  He ended it with "Sam Darnold saw a ghost one time.  Now he's got a chance to see them on a full time basis down in Carolina."  🤣

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