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5 hours ago, Trainwreck said:

It’ll be hard to pass on Sewell. It’ll be hard to pass on a future 1st rounder too. 

Agree. It would take multiple early 21 picks or a 1st in 22. As far as pro bowler vs. two starters, that’s hard to predict. I was in favor of trading back to the Jets when they got Revis and we got Beason and Kalil. 

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Trade down a bit    . Parsons in the first . Leatherwood in the second , Meinerz in the third ,

an extra third with the trade , Qb Mills , Trask , or Mond .  We now have a great MLB , We fix the OL with a LT, a G/C , a Qb to develop . The balance of the draft take best player available . Your thoughts ?

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On 4/7/2021 at 10:44 PM, Trainwreck said:

I expect for the Panthers to trade down from the 8th pick if Penei Sewell isn’t available or the Panthers do not like a quarterback that is available. Seattle has traded down in the draft more than a hand full of times during the Pete Carroll and John Schneider era. 

I would point out that the reason Seattle constantly trades down is they are picking the 20s. There are only so many players you have a 1st round grade on each year, and its always less than 32. Most years it tops out at about 16. Trading from the 20s to the 40s, you're still going to get a player you had a similar grade on.

If the Panthers do trade down, I expect them to stay in that top 16 range. However many players they have a first round grade on is the lowest they would go.

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