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Ex-NFL player Phillip Adams kills 5 and himself

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5 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Now being reported that the doctor wanted him to come off of some of his medications.

I’ve seen people get so addicted to prescription drugs and that sucks. But, you don’t go killing people because of addiction. Adams is a cold murderer. Only place for him is Hell. 

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Totally disgusting. Bad human either way you look at it. I've had 6 confirmed consussiond in my life and guess I've at least had 3 more I got away without reporting and I'm sure my brain may look pretty bad too but I swear I don't want to go harming anyone that isn't trying to harm me so yes that is an issue but isn't the determining factor IMHO. It just takes one evil individual to do that and these days this kind of crap is the style it seems. I hate that we also have copycat killers that do crap like this right afterwards wanting fame too.

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His sister, Lauren, told USA Today that his behavior abruptly changed in recent years and that his “mental health degraded fast and terribly bad,” adding that he had been seeing doctors and was pursuing a disability claim through the NFL.

“I know he had been applying for disability and he said they were making it hard for him. And toward the end he felt like they were trying to basically stiff him on money,” Lauren Adams said. “I think he got upset about that and that’s kind of where it started, with him kind of feeling like the whole world was against him.”

Scott Casterline, Adams’s agent, told the Associated Press that his former client did not participate in the physical and mental health programs that the NFL offers to ex-players. He described Adams as being “lost without football, somewhat depressed.”



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10 minutes ago, ladypanther said:

Here is the claim that Adams had seen Dr. Lesslie and that the doctor would not prescribe the medication he wanted.  Have not seen anything written about it in news reports.

When I saw what happened I thought right away that I was likely prescription drugs related.

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8 minutes ago, Cam Lawter said:

sounds like the guy didn't want to come back to real life working a real life job after working in the NFL. prob felt embarrassed taking a low paying job. CTE or not, dude is a scumbag killing kids. There is 0 excuses here.  

I knew someone personally who was star at UNC and then went to NBA.  Got a fat contract... bought a massive house, multiple exotic cars... wife was ok with him cheating on her as she said it comes with territory.  Two years in... he got a career ending injury.  Lost everything, went bankrupt, wife cheated on him and then left him.  All his friends left him.  He’s a nice guy but that got to mentally fug you up.  Some people take it better than others.  Some drink and do drugs to cope, the stronger ones move on.

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I'm not that knowledgeable on how contracts work in sports but they really do need to start teaching these young kids how to manage their money better so things like this won't happen. All of them want to be the illusions on social media. Bankruptcy happens too often for these millionaires. I wonder if they could opt-in to be paid bi-weekly or monthly sum of their contract so things like overspending couldn't happen 

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