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What are some examples of QBs who were once considered huge busts, but revived their career on another team?

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9 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Brett Favre, Steve Young, Alex Smith, Brad Johnson, Rich Gannon and Jim Plunkett among others.

And Drew Brees wasn't anything special in San Diego. That's why they drafted Philip Rivers.

Yeah I was going to say Brees but there was the injury issue. Though if he was the Brees we know now hey wouldn't have moved on.

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7 minutes ago, ForJimmy said:

What is their game is remotely similar? Their hair color? Dalton is a conservative game manager and Darnold’s issues are making bad reads/throws with bad footwork. He can make all the NFL throws, Dalton can’t. That’s what he was 3rd overall vs Dalton being a 2nd rounder. His potential is far greater, unfortunately so is his floor.

lol their hair

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1 hour ago, SteveSmithTD89 said:

This has already been addressed in numerous threads. Yes its possible. Yes there's precedence recently and in the past with players looking worse than Sam Darnold in their first few seasons going on to win MVPs, Super Bowls and ending up in the Hall of Fame. Im sure there are more examples but this is top of my head with stats from PFF.


1) Terry Bradshaw 

38% completion percentage, 6 TDs 24 (TWENTY FOUR) INTs in 8 starts (3-5)

Following Seasons of:

13 starts (5-8) 54% completion percentage 13 TDs 22 INTs

14 starts (11-3) 47% completion percentage 12 TDs 12 INTs

Went on to have a hall of fame career and win a few Super Bowls


2) John Elway 

10 starts (4-6) 47% completion percentage 7 TDs 14 INTs

14 starts (12-2) 56% completion percentage 18 TDs 15 INTs

16 starts (11-5) 54% completion percentage 22 TDs 23 INTs

Went on to have a hall of fame career and win a couple super bowls. 


3) Troy Aikman

11 starts (0-11) 52% completion percentage 9 TDs 18 INTs

15 starts (7-8) 56% completion percentage 11 TDs 18 INTs

12 starts (7-5) 65% completion percentage 11 TDs 10 INTs

Went on to win a super bowl and have a hall of fame career 


4) Drew Brees 

0 starts, played in 1 game as a rookie, 1 TD 0 INTs

16 starts (8-8) 60% completion percentage 17 TDs 16 INTs

11 starts (2-9) 57% completion percentage 11 TDs 15 INTs

went on to win a SB and have a hall of fame career. 


5) Brett Favre 

Played in 2 games. Threw FOUR passes and TWO interceptions

Goes to GB

13 starts (8-5) 64% completion percentage 18 TDs 13 INTs

16 starts (9-7) 60% completion percentage 19 TDs 24 INTs

Goes on to win MVP, win a super bowl and have a hall of fame career. 


6) Steve Young 

5 starts (1-4) 52% completion percentage 3 TDs 8 INTs

14 starts (2-12)  53% completion percentage 8 TDs 13 INTs

Goes to SF

Proceeds to start a few games for the next 4 years  amassing only 10 starts in that time. 

Goes on to have a Hall of Fame career, win a couple MVPs and a few SBs


Other examples of current players or players that aren't in the HoF:

Alex Smith

Jake Delhomme

Kirk Cousins

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Tannehill 


Drop the mic and take a bow son. You’ve wrecked the negative narrative. 

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