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What are the numbers that will make you believe??

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22 hours ago, WOW!! said:

We did this last year for Teddy which he supremely under performed..

So now I guess it Sam Darnold's turn..

What does his numbers have to be for you to believe we have a franchise QB.. Now again everything should be put in context...

In Teddy case bad oline, pandemic offseason, not having CMC did hurt.. But Jmo and (most of the organization) with the talent he did have and the offense going up and down the field like it did.. 15tds 11ints and a 0-8 record in game winning or tying situation is unacceptable...

Depending on the draft  I need Darnold to have 25+ (passing TD's) 12 or less Ints 4,000 yards passing  3 or more rushing TD's with a comp. Rate of 64% or more.. And a passer rating 88 or more...

Here are the threshold numbers Darnold needs to achieve for me to believe he's a good QB that the Jets simply sabotaged because they are an incompetent organization:

- 9 wins

-27 total TDs (including rushing)

-12 or fewer picks

-More than 3,750 passing yards

-TWO 1,000 yard receivers at minimum (yes, that can include CMC)

-QB rating north of 95

-QBR over 65

- Yards per game greater than 250 on average


*All of this would put him in the top half of starting QBs based on last year's stats.  If a QB isn't in the top half of his peer group in comparison, then he's not that good.


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I think expectations need to be tempered.  Darnold likely won't match pretty much any of the numbers being tossed around.  But that won't mean he isn't the possible solution at QB. It may take a bit of time to fully fix him.  As long as he shows marked improvement over the past few years with the Jets--and that's based more on the eye test that what numbers he puts up--then I'll be OK with rolling with him for Year 2 and seeing if that upward trajectory continues. 

Edit: Marked improvement means he's playing well enough that you think you can win with him. Yes, I understand that a good bit of improvement from him could still mean he's playing pretty darn poorly. If that's the case, then move on and find your franchise QB elsewhere.

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I’m a realist about it. I would like to see an improvement from his year 2 stats (his best season). A good bit over 3000 yards with at least a 2/1 TD to INT ratio. I would love to see a clutch play or two with the game on the line.

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-Game winning drives when it's not a blowout.  Just want to see a guy actually leading a team downfield, taking charge like we've seen Cam and Jake do.  Kerry, Beurlein, Peete, Moore, Bridgewater could never do it. 

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21 hours ago, MHS831 said:

So lemme get this straight--You want a QB who throws into the teeth of the defense and you want his completion percentage to be 64%.  You want the yards over 4000, but you want the interceptions in the single digits.  How many current QBs do that now?


Our fanbase is so delusional

They basically want Cams MVP season as the floor for Darnold lmao

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2 minutes ago, Call Me James said:

Fans want an MVP caliber QB as the franchise QB... 

And you're mad about it. Marvel Studios GIF by Disney+

He can have a positive season next year without putting up the ridiculous numbers stated in this thread.

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For me its not numbers, its what he shows in game(each game is different). Much like teddy, its unfair to believe Darnold comes out the gates as a 400 yard 4 TD weekly guy. 

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13 hours ago, tecc86 said:

He can have a positive season next year without putting up the ridiculous numbers stated in this thread.

Read OP again a little slower. He specifically asks what numbers he needs to put up to be considered our franchise QB. 

The numbers are fair for that question. 

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