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Wow what happened to KB?

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I miss those early days of hope when he was bullying defensive backs. He is not without blame but he was hit with some awful circumstances in a short time. It is sad to see people continuing to pile on him for his physical appearance all these years later but they are just projecting like many do on social media now.

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3 hours ago, Michael G said:

I always wondered if KB could have played TE. I wondered if he had ever tried it, or was asked to by anyone at Car. or Buf.? Probably not here cause Greg was healthy and going off!

For as big as he was, he sucked hard at blocking.

Smitty was 3x the blocker KB was.

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1 hour ago, Basbear said:

For as big as he was, he sucked hard at blocking.

Smitty was 3x the blocker KB was.

If he tried playing TE he’d be like Ian Thomas with better receiving ability. For a big boy he sure played soft.  

I do feel bad for KB, though.  After his mom passed it seems like he lashed out at his friends and alienated everybody.  Him and Cam seemed to be tight until then.  A sad story.  

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Where did Kelvin Benjamin go?
He was traded from Carolina to Buffalo due to the Bills needing wide receivers for their playoff run in the 2017 season. After the Bills traded Tyrod Taylor and drafted Josh Allen, Benjamin simply wasn't a fit in Buffalo anymore. The Chiefs opting to bring him in was fine, but at the end of the day, it didn't work out. Benjamin did not play during the 2019 season and is currently a free agent.

Benjamin also impressed as a rookie with 1,008 receiving yards. However, Benjamin missed his second season with a torn ACL and was never the same.


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    • Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men.....(i think we are here in the cycle) Weak men create hard times. F&TFG&^$##(HJYVTIYI this era..... What say thee? Any hope/light for us? Too funny... I will say the moochers can reach out to space, bounce off a signal to reach you. You are not safe..... I have also seen good men get in a toxic relationship.....during which a monkey or two is popped out..... then the next 18years is like a hellraiser series. Friends are one thing, but its different when your blood is involved. No one gets to choose their parents/family/relatives. 
    • Florida has produced many NFL secondary players. CJ has the chance to be among the very best we have ever produced. I think most people who hear the whispers from school forums and such knew before the draft that him going to Tampa, Jacksonville or Miami would be cause for concern. I would have been happy for him to go anywhere in a trade this season outside of the state. I am ecstatic that we got him. Give him a few weeks to adjust and I think we got a steal in a trade. I hope Arnold plays well and we can continue to use Jacksonville as a trading partner going forward. 
    • If he isn’t Revis in his first game, we blew it!
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