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Make the Case: Draft a wide receiver in the first round

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I would be super stoked for Chase, Smith or Waddle.  You can never have too many good WRs.  We will have our pick of either Sewell, Pitts, Slater, Chase, Waddle or Smith.

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I could see where Sewell is gone and we view Chase/Smith/Waddle as elite talent with a draft deep in offensive tackle. Chase round 1 and Radunz in round 2 wouldn’t be terrible... Smith in round 1 and Leatherwood in round 2 doubling up on Alabama players (as an Auburn fan I hate typing that).

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Easy to make a case,

You don’t draft a player for one year.  Especially for a first rounder you are looking for at least 5 years.

Moore and Anderson are both in last year of their deals.

Often you have three on the field at any given time.

Good defenses, the type you often play in the playoffs, can often shut down your first options.  Your 2nd and 3rd options need to be good also.

This class seems to be loaded at WR so there is a good chance they will be good value.  Would you prefer to draft a WR with a 70% of being good or a so called position of greater need that only has a 40% chance of being good?




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Maybe I am over-estimating TE Arnold and Sullivan (the WR turned TE from Seattle who might be the steal of Free Agency--stay tuned), but I would love a WR in round 1 and then a T in round 2 and trade up for a CB late round 2. 

1.  Chase (I really think he is a Bengal)

2. Waddle (would be our best WR very soon)

3  Smith (trade back and grab him)

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