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Teddy B to the Broncos for a 6th!


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Sending Cam out the door and getting Teddy for that big contract was a Hurney move and it got him fired  .   We got nothing for Cam and Fitts unloaded the fat contract for Teddy and got back the 6th we gave for Darnald .



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5 minutes ago, t96 said:

I'm astonished we got anything for a team to take Teddy's contract... Thanks John!

doesn't look like they took on the contract.    

Denver paying 3M.  Carolina paying 7M.   

So Carolina will be paying the bulk of his salary in Denver and taking a 17 m dead cap hit at home lol. 

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    • I was into the Darnold thing from the very beginning, and tbh he has exceeded my expectations a great deal already. I was expecting him to be "fine", and he's playing "good" LOL Let's keep that trajectory cuz I really feel like he's not going to slack on working on himself either. 
    • Glad to see they’re looking at bringing in a reliable pass catcher out of the backfield.    Duke Johnson will be able to fill in like Fozzy Whittaker all those years. Crazy to think it takes 3 guys to fill in for everything CMC is able to do by himself.
    • Where did they have the Jets O-line ranked after the first game?  You keep talking about all the pressure we got in the first game but what was their rank then?  It wasn't 10th.  You are making all the assumptions about a 2 week grade on the basis of what you saw in the first week game. And you can't ignore the fact he has the second highest time to throw, how many of those sacks are on Wilson?  I know it is hard for people to understand but sacks are also a QB stat.   How many yards did they have rushing their second game?  What was their YPC second game?  Of that #10 rating what was the breakdown of their run block and pass block?  They actually had a really good rushing game the second game, I'm sure that is heavily influencing their overall grade. How about their tight ends?  That stat you linked is the cumulative grade of their 5 OL.  How often are they in 22 personel?  (which is two tight ends)  What was the pass block grades of their TEs?  Run block of their TEs?   Their TEs were last in pass block grade in the league.  Which is scary because they use 2 TEs second most in the league. I'm not saying PFF is perfect, far from it.  Also I'm not saying the Jets are exactly the 10th best OL after two weeks, but I think you are coming to a very strong conclusion based off of some limited data points.        
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