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General Friday Draft Discussion - Rounds 2-3


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2 minutes ago, Whatev said:

I don't think Moehrig will be there, but if he is the decision between best OT and Moehrig will be a tough one to make.  If you take Moehrig, do everything possible to trade back into the 2nd to get a quality OT.  

Only 6 teams pick prior to us so there is a good chance he’s there.

The run on EDGE guys and the 2 RB’s late 1st round last night was very much to our benefit. 

Rhule wanted more picks so maybe we trade back from #39

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I think the true smokescreen was screaming BPA and still "reaching" for a need.

I put reach in quotations because I don't think it was that much of a reach. I like the kid, but I could've been happier with another selection. Still ready to see what the defense will look like now that Phil Snow has a defense that can play the scheme he wants.

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I really think we are gonna go Safety as much as we need LT.

Moehrig or Grant. If we are lucky we will get  Walker Little in the 3rd.

I would rather get Eichenburg/Jenkins/Radunz in the second and pick up another safety later. 

I trust Juston Burris more at FS than Cameron Erving at LT.

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2 hours ago, woahfraze said:

Teven Jenkins.  I know his pass pro. isn't quite on the level as his run blocking, but oooeee, he is a road-grading mauler that plays with a mean streak in the run game. I know that might "sound" like a RT and not a LT, but I don't think he's incapable of playing on the left. Also, he's got to be better than who we have currently over there.  Obviously it would be nice for the team to give Moton a shot over at LT, where many feel he could also thrive.  But I don't think the Moton or the team have interest in screwing up a good thing, and he'll stay over on the right and continue to lock it down.  

Also, having Jenkins is insurance in case they can't reach an extension agreement with Moton.  If Moton leaves and Jenkins is better suited to RT, we can slide him over.

And we still have not tried Moton on the left side since RR left.

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OL, OL, and more OL would be nice.  I like Eichenberg in the 2nd round.  He is not Sewell or Slater right out of the blocks, but he looks as good as any option. 

But, I am not hard-over on him.....only that we get somebody who can play the position.  Then look for an IOL later.

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