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Panthers trade down AGAIN


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1 minute ago, stbugs said:

Again basically a break even trade value. We are helping teams move up to get guys who were supposed to go in the 1st and we are getting nothing extra. Our negotiating skills are terrible.

Agreed. We arent accumulating any value... we just just helping other teams get the guys they want while screwing ourselves. 

Seems like the only way to make this right is to pick bpa from here on out and hope we land some upgrades since there is clearly not a plan in place.

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It's a different regime now.  It's not about making you happy on draft night on ESPN.  Mushy middle, about 80-100 guys that you could flip flop, and we're confident some of them will fall to us, get 'em in camp and see what happens.

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    • Daley was right… better on the left side.
    • I like you and you have been here for a long time, I know cause I read only a few regs. So epic protip- Have your wife start asking THEM for money. BOOM, I just saved your family tons of BS. Almost immediately everyone will stop asking, NOW the fun starts and no more drama BS...  You see its not that her/ or the family needs $$$$, its to show them in the "now" times your family 'isnt' so well off as everyone thinks, plus if by some miracle a family member does offer to loan you money.....NOW you know and knowing is everything my friend. You can see how much, how long you have, if they treat you different, if you have pay back interest, etc etc etc. Plus you dont have to take the money either, call them back and say you got a loan form friend X (they dont know them(I hate to lie, but I hate family drama more)). Also you have to quit bragging about vacations, new cars, remodels, childrens _____ , etc etc, keep that to yourself or the ruse will not work.... Edit- dont stop asking either, its not one time thing. Ask every few months and at gatherings etc, group chats etc. Godspeed my friend.
    • I’d rather roll with Hubbard, Freeman & Ricci… but I’d offer WR Kirkwood & TE Sullivan for a starting o lineman…
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