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Panthers trade down again again again


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This is getting ridiculous.😂😂😂

See y'all in the 2022 Draft, because apparently we aren't picking in this one.😂

But, I will say, again, that last night Rhule said their guys have said a 3rd rounder this year is the equivalent to a 2nd next year, and I'm assuming they've applied that logic for each round, with the implication being this draft is deeper and has more value.

Also, they Fitt said they felt comfortable trading down bc they know there is more value grouping in the areas they're trading to versus where they were originally picking.

But this is crazy.

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Maybe Scott Fitterer is the BUST of the draft!!

Not impressed so far.. although I do like WR Terrance Marshall, IF he can stay healthy and not spend his career making millions while sitting on the bench.

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Posted (edited)


I love it because it’s smart AND it pisses off the masses so badly.

The people who get pissed about Marty only drafting two good players per year are the same ones who don’t get that more lottery tickets = more likelihood of draft success

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If we keep trading down, I am guessing some of us Huddlers need to keep our phones nearby. 

"MHS, how would you like to be the newest Panther?"

Yes, your honor.  my ring size is 11."

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    • I hope so and believe the current management is setting the team up for sustained success, but objectively speaking, it's hard to find a team in the modern NFL that competes perennially that doesn't have a true franchise QB. Injuries are too much of an unknown on otherwise good teams. A franchise QB can cover for a lot of other deficiencies... exhibit A was Cam in 2015 elevating the offense mostly on his own. I'm excited about this team and the culture Rhule is creating, but that alone can't elevate this team without an above-average to elite level QB play. Sam has surprised me by how well he has looked, but it's simply too small of a sample size to make any pronouncements. If anything, it may take the whole year. If Sam can be that guy, I certainly think Rhule can create a perennial contender. Otherwise it's back to drawing board again. But, I do think Rhule is smart enough to know all of this, hence why we got rid of Teddy so fast.  Nothing, not even great coaching and personnel, can ultimately substitute for a truly elite QB
    • Sam doesn't get enough credit for his accuracy, imo.    It's always "he sucks, he was on the Jets and sucked.  Did I mention he sucks?  Did I also mention I wanted Justin Fields? WAAAAH!" by the Peanut Gallery. Anyway, yeah.   Sam can make some plays on the run.    He also has to be careful in making sure that the person he's throwing to is wide open and not try to force it 'cause that's where he would get in trouble. He's already had 2 such passes (one in both the Jets and Saints game) where he was almost picked off because of that.    Sometimes the Hero Ball comes out of Sam....and he needs to learn that throwing the ball away and trying again in the Next down is wiser than rolling the dice....  
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