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Matt Rhule on Rich Eisen Today


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22 minutes ago, Proudiddy said:

I really prefer a QB who can not just extend plays with his legs, but is a threat with them a la Cam and Fields.

Part of the thing that has impressed me about Darnold is his scrambling ability, being able to keep the play alive and look for the best opportunity.

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7 minutes ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Darnold has probably been the worst QB in the NFL over the past three seasons. I think it's gonna take a little more than just learning the playbook. We aren't exactly just plugging in Aaron Rodgers.

No sh*t.

My point is that he's more ready than any of the rooks coming into a completely different Environment(League) and having to adjust ('cause there will be an adjustment period).  


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15 minutes ago, Panthera onca said:

Favre was a bust in Atlanta and went on to be a perennial all pro. It happens.

Say what? Favre was a 2nd round pick in Atlanta who the head coach absolutely did not want. He threw a total of four passes in his one season as a Falcon and was then traded for a 1st round pick to the Packers where he failed his physical due to a degenerative hip condition that Packers doctors thought would prematurely end his career but Packers brass didn't give AF a overruled them because they wanted him THAT bad.

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32 minutes ago, Peppers90 NC said:

Yea he can move


30 minutes ago, glenwo2 said:

BTW, he can also sling it under duress :


The more of these videos I watch the more excited I get. I get that his stats have been abysmal, and everyone has a highlight reel, but I really think he has first round talent. The elephant in the room is whether or not our staff can coach him up to that talent level. If he'd been that bad for anyone but the Jets, I'd be a lot less excited about the upcoming season.

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