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Update on the Bronco players holding out of OTAs.

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3 minutes ago, frankw said:

Who can say for sure. One inevitability in life you can count on is change. It is always around the corner. I don't understand the idolizing of billionaire owners for being in a position of power contrasted by the usually negative perception of entitlement for the average fringe nfl player who is lucky to see the kind of earnings stars bring in annually. Those are the players who make up a significant portion of the league itself in a sport that really boils down to men destroying their only true most valuable asset for your entertainment.

It's got nothing to do with billionaire owners.

Objectively speaking, there's a certain logic to the rule. If you're not working out with their trainers and facilities, they can't necessarily guarantee your safety.

Heck, if this particular rule applied to massage therapists, maybe Deshaun Watson wouldn't be in trouble now.

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2 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Honestly, this is where I'm at. This was all clearly laid out in the contract. His union gave him horrific advice. Hopefully he reached out to his agent before making this decision and had the risks and potential ramifications explained to him.

I feel bad for the guy, but it's on you to understand your contract and if you then make a decision that can lead to negative ramifications you have to accept those risks. If it means a lot to the players to be able to workout on their own in the offseason then they should've to made that clear to the NFLPA. Now they're in a CBA signed through 2030 and in no position to negotiate something like this that is going to receive massive pushback from the league. If it's a COVID-related issue (it's not), then they should've made it clear to the NFLPA that they wanted this included in the COVID specific revisions that were made to the CBA. 

I'm 99.9% pro player/pro worker, but on this one I understand where the league is coming from.

I agree with you here. Plus, from my understanding most, if not all, of the franchises have gone vastly out of their way to provide very clean facilities, requirements of vaccination for entry, etc. There probably isn't a safer place to work out at than in the building at this moment regardless.

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Broncos are in a no win situation but this does effect every team now.  Players will be less likely to workout away for the team complex and come in out of shape causing more injuries in preseason.


This will most likely be addressed in the next CBA. 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, DeAngelo Beason said:

NFL die?  Yeah...

I'm sure it's merely a coincidence you are both petty and a MeAngelo fan. Nice work.

Edited by frankw
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4 hours ago, pantherclaw said:

Exactly. Yet I'm being hung for thinking so. 

What do you expect. Huddle gonna huddle.

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8 hours ago, frankw said:

If this were Kyle Allen you would be all over it.

Well we know you're all over my dick thats for sure.

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On 5/6/2021 at 5:58 AM, pantherclaw said:

Don't have any sympathy for the player. 

James played in 3 games in 2019...received 17mil... opted out of 2020... say that was pretty good compensation...wish i could get that gig...cut his azz... for stupidity if nothing else.

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43 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:


He opted out and lost his guarantee, then he gets injured outside team grounds....Case here is simple for James, he doest have one and LOLOLOL at the weak ass players union trying to flex.. 

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NFL Network's Taylor Bisciotti reports free agent WR DaeSean Hamilton suffered a torn ACL training outside of Denver's team facility.

It puts Hamilton's salary in jeopardy only 24 hours after he was waived by the Broncos since the injury occurred away from the team's practice facilities. Hamilton was reportedly going to be traded following rookie camp before he suffered the injury. It's a crippling blow as Hamilton, 26, likely won't receive a tryout until next year's minicamps.

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