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Trey Wingo and Tony Pauline on Panthers draft class

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19 hours ago, stbugs said:

It’s possible but realistically I’d expect 3 or 4 to see significant time. Maybe we got steals in day 3, but it’s rare that day 3 guys contribute a lot or at all. It would be shocking and game changing if 7 or 8 players see significant playing time not due to “having” to be on field due to injuries.

I’m also not counting a LS. It’ll be nice if he takes over and doesn’t suck but we aren’t getting better just cheaper.

Horn is a day one starter

Marshall #3 WR

Christensen Starting LT 

Tremble will see significant playing time as a FB and TE and maybe HB

Hubbard will see the field giving CMC a blow

Nixon the reigning Big 10 DPOY will at minimum be in the DT rotation.  I don't see him starting but will see time at DT.  DT is a position were we rotate players all the time.  He'll see significant playing time.

Taylor is a wild card.  He may be a bust or may be a steal.  Honestly I don't know enough about him to be confident one way or the other.   We'll see after we start workouts what his ceiling in year one will be.

Brown impressed Rhule in the Senior Bowl and will most likely start the season as a backup but as every season we'll have a O-line injury and he'll be ready to come in and start.  What I will say that may make him a bust is that he cannot keep his weight down.  I am sure the teams Nutritionist will be his best friend. 

Smith will have a chance to start as our PR specialist and get opportunities as the #4 WR.  He may not see a lot of time but he'll have a decent stat line.  He will also be in a position to move to the #3 spot when we let Anderson walk after 2021.

Fletcher and Hoskins along with Taylor are the ones who I am not counting on to do much. 

How you figure only 3 to 4 really boggles my mind.  Each of the players that we drafted are in the position of need and really have a great chance to make the team. 

I respect your opinion and I am sure you think I am a homer but I honestly believe this was a grand slam draft. In a couple of years will be the draft we point to as the one where we turned the corner to be a perennial winning team. 


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On 5/7/2021 at 7:08 AM, stbugs said:

Continuity is not always good? What could that possibly mean? It’s not good that the OL knows what they should do on every play? It’s not good that the WRs and QBs are used to each other?

I’m sorry, but I like their chances way better for 2021. You’re a blind homer if you like our chances better. This goes back to the old hope of the draft. There is a tiny chance, as some have mentioned, that we pull 6 starters from the draft. There is a tiny chance that the OL is fixed and our FA OL play at a level they’ve never played at before.

I like our draft and some of the FAs, but the chance that it all works out this year instantly is very slim. All Tampa has to do is avoid injuries. Look at our 2016, even with the decimation of our OL (one starter played the correct spot all year, were down to 3rd string C, had Remmers at LT, etc.) and other injuries we were a Ganope away from 9-7/10-6. That’s what an already talented team gets you. Had our OL been healthy, we make the playoffs again like 2017.

We in 2021 aren’t there yet and Tampa is. I’d take the odds with established NFL talent every day over hoping FAs and rookies play at a high level. Don’t get me wrong, Brady will retire at some point and I like our future, especially if we can get good OL play, but a lucky with injuries Tampa has this division.

Continuity creates expertise, then it creates ruts. Life 101

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2 hours ago, ElSporto said:

Continuity creates expertise, then it creates ruts. Life 101

We are talking football right, not marriage? I get what you are saying but Tampa returning all 22 starters and other key contributors isn’t a bad thing no matter how people want to spin it. It’s never happened before. Doesn’t guarantee anything because winning SBs takes luck just ask Eli and even Brady, but it’s certainly not bad. Injuries are the key.

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