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Ye Evolution of the OL has Begunst

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37 minutes ago, pantherclaw said:

You don't know me. Thanks for acting like you do.  I remember why I never waste time with you. 

Hah. It is what it is. Feel free to not reply, won’t hurt my feelings. Sorry if I’m not going to just bury my head in sand as if having 5 new unproven guys on the OL is an ordinary year for you.

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29 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

I puked in my mouth a little.

Lol, no kidding. We went from wanting Sewell to pair with Moton to a hey, Erving and Elflein can carry 3 rookies and we don’t need Moton. Amazing, isn’t it.

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, MHS831 said:

If this draft pans out and in 2 years we have a third rounder, a sixth rounder, and possibly an undrafted free agent playing key roles, that is a coup. Not only was Fitterer trying to find the best free agents and draft picks, he had to be doing so with the idea of re-signing Moton. With DJ Moore, Anderson (Possibly), Darnold, Burns, etc. salaries on the horizon, he has some tough calls to make down the road.  For example, Moton reportedly wants LT money.  Have the Panthers positioned themselves to accommodate that cost?  That loss? Some will say, “But MHS, we are going to have more cap room!!!  Frugal GMs that make wise decisions win rings—not big spenders with daddy’s credit card.

  Taking a look at the roster, you can see the players below (not bolded) who are probably not going to be on the roster in 2022.  The only bolded player who could be a free agent in 2022 is Moton, and the rest of the bolded players are signed on reasonable contracts through at least 2023 (at least for 2 more seasons). 

I wonder if this move gives us more than depth—it gives us options. 

With that in mind, getting these 3 rookies playing is going to be important even if we do not lock down Moton by July. 

·        C Matt Paradis’ final season as a starter is probably 2021. He is 32 and has a voidable contract after 2021, but it would create $4+m in dead cap for 2022 and 2023, the way I understand it.


·        RG John Miller’s final season on his contract is 2021.  He will be 29.


·        OT Trenton Scott’s final season on his contract is 2021.  He will be 28.


·         Rookie Contract: OT Greg Little for the 2021 season (he will be cut in 2022 unless he is cut now--we will probably carry 10 OL, and this list has 11…)


·        OT Taylor Moton’s final season is 2021.  He is 27.  Expect him to get a contract for 4 years.


·        Signed LG/C Elflein for 3 years, through 2023. 


·        Signed OL Irving for 2 years, through 2022.


·        Rookie Contract:  LG/OT Dennis Daley through the 2022 season.


·        Rookie Contract:  OT Brady Christenson (2/3 round value) to play LT-through 2024.


·        We drafted OG Deonte Brown (4th round value) to play RG through 2024.


·        We signed SR BOWL OG/C Dave Moore (5th round value) to play IOL through 2024.


So looking at the group that is guaranteed to be here for the next 2 seasons, IF NO OTHER PLAYERS ARE ADDED AND WE DECIDE THAT MOTON WANTS TOO MUCH $$$,  you STILL have a potentially-effective OL:


·        LT Christensen


·        LG Elflein (Daley)


·        C Moore (Elflein)


·        RG Brown


·        RT Irving (Daley)


It is my opinion that we will re-sign Moton for about $18m per season for 5 years, and Christensen develops into a serviceable lineman—hopefully a LT.  I see a day when Elflien is given a shot at C, and Moore and Brown are given guard duties.


So if you kept hearing, “We are building the OL, I guess you can say that we drafted 3 players after the second round that can all be starting in a year or two.  That is all you ask for.


Just trying to keep some fresh perspective on the Huddle folks.  Not trying to be an expert, but I am not interested in the fact that Juston Burris is considering changing his shoe size or that the Boston Celtics offered us a future pick to move up for a guard.  This is real, and you can almost see the plan unfolding.


This post here is why when I read the "No excuses for Darnold now" posts I think: 



If we mold a cohesive unit out of that rag tag bunch I'll be impressed.


Edited by OldhamA
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2 hours ago, stbugs said:

 you honestly think Elflein, Moore, Brown, Erving and Christensen is a solid OL in 2022 if Moton is gone? 


Those 5 are all hope so I think you are wrong about those 5 in 2022 not being any scarier than the year before. None of them have proven to be solid OL or have played together before. That would absolutely not be the same as every year when we’ve had 2-3 solid proven OL who’ve played together before. It’s one thing to say new starters come every year and it’s another thing to get rid of your best OL and have 5 brand new starters.

We haven't had a solid olibe in years, stop acting like the team walked away from something they shouldn't have. 

I believe Moton will be here for the long haul. He is the definition of a Panther player, and our best lineman.  So that takes away your first question. 

So because we have a bunch of new parts, you just assume they'll suck until they prove you otherwise? Don't bother responding to that. It's just how you present your weak arguement.  

Paradis played well last year. I expect him to play well again. Although I do believe that he won't be here beyond his current contract. 

It's obvious you don't think much of the FAs we got. It's obvious you don't think guards can start as rookies, and play well. 

When it comes to the oline gelling, the fact of the matter they won't be gelling until a month into the season.  It's like that every year it the current NFL, unless ya happen to keep 4 or all of the starting line from the previous season. I miss the old days of being able to keep a good line together for a decade. That just can't exist in the.modern NFL. 

Your also being VERY dismissive of our coaching staff. You act luke they have no chance to field a decent or better oline out of these guys.  

You might as well quit. Quit watching. Quit being a fan. Because everyone sucks poo in your eyes. There is no way they can play well. 

I guess our staff better quit also.  

According.to you, our offense stands no chance. Our team has acquired all this offensive talent to let it waste behind a bad oline. Damn our team is stupid.  What the fug are they thinking???

While you may say my take doesn't question the staff, I can't wrap my mind around the fact that everyone are lovers. Must be how you grew up. 

While I don't expect to see an elite oline, I expect the team to field a good one.  I know it'll take time to gel. Longer than I wish it would. Always longer than I think it should. 

Last year's oline ranked right in the middle of the NFL. So evidently we still judge hardly. Including myself.  

I'm looking forward to watching games this year. Sure beats your outlook. 

P.S. I have chosen to put you on ignore. I'm sure you won't miss me. I certainly won't be missing you. 


God Bless. 

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Does stbugs think that we are stuck with these players forever and won't have drafts, trades, or free agency ever again? What the heck?

You got the Panthers brain trust of Wall Street analysts, MIT Economists, 20+ year scouts, cap gurus, etc playing chess then this guy playing tic tac toe questioning them. Funny

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Posted (edited)

Tag Moton then let him go. His body is not going to hold up long term imo. Get out while he's healthy and let him break down during some other team's mega deal.

Edited by pantherj
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Posted (edited)

There is certainly justification in fans not being sold on our efforts this year to shore up the offensive line after years of mismanagement. We basically punted at left tackle again by pitting a 3rd round rookie against an oft injured castoff tackle released from a team uninterested in retaining his services. Apparently some folks think no front office executives in the league have been wrong before. If an echo chamber and condescension to anyone who thinks differently is what you seek maybe catscratchreader is more in your wheelhouse.

Edited by frankw
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16 minutes ago, pantherj said:

Tag Moton then let him go. His body is not going to hold up long term imo. Get out while he's healthy and let him break down during some other team's mega deal.

He's never missed a game. Was questionable one time in 4 years. Set a school record for starts.

Where do you come up with this?

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3 hours ago, stbugs said:

Lol, no kidding. We went from wanting Sewell to pair with Moton to a hey, Erving and Elflein can carry 3 rookies and we don’t need Moton. Amazing, isn’t it.

Dude....the fact that people think this line will be better than last year absolutely stuns me. 

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1 hour ago, KatsAzz said:

I puked in my mouth a little bit.

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