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REPORT: Panthers have kicked the tires on bringing back DT Kwann Short on a 1-yr deal

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    • I mean let's be honest, if you were just thrown into a dysfunctional company with terrible workers and boss, wouldn't you be mentally drained and depressed too? I've been there, it sucks the life outta you. This will be like night and day for Henderson, you get to start completely over with a nice culture and beast players around you. This is a fleece if I've ever seen one. A journeyman TE and a 3rd for LAST YEAR'S top 10 pick (not to mention we even get a 5th back lol)?! Godamn it feels so damn good to finally have a legit GM!
    • I think one thing that is striking me is that we're getting the stops on 1st down, 3rd down.  Not relying on forcing turnovers which can be a bit fluky (very hard to repeat from year to year in leading in turnovers).  The run defense has been eye-opening after several years of being dreadful. I'll be updating my stats thread on defensive performance on 3rd downs later today... But Panthers still leading the league with a rather astonishing rate of 22% in 3rd down conversions allowed after 3 games. I just did some digging at Team Rankings (which allows you to look at stats for any given week in a past season by changing the date.... I LOVE that feature!) Here are what the 3rd down conversion % leaders' stats looked like after week 3 since 2015. 2015  Denver 18.7% 2016  Seattle 25% 2017  Baltimore 24.3% 2018  Kansas City 25.8% 2019 New England 12.8% 2020 Arizona 28.6% So the Panthers' current performace of allowing only 22% conversion on 3rd down puts us in some pretty great company in terms of dominating, winning defenses:  In the past 6 seasons, only Denver 2015 (sigh) and New England 2019 were off to better starts in terms of shutting down teams on 3rd down. Defense wins championships baby!   Here's Panthers' ranking & performance on 3rd down defense for some past seasons: 2003  34.0% (#7) 2013 36.3% (#12) 2014  42.1% (#21) 2015  36.9% (#9) 2016 37.9% (#11) 2017 37.4% (#12) 2018 39.9% (#20) 2019 39.9% (#21) 2020 49.3% (#31)  
    • I think that’s part of the our OL really isn’t good story. Even though we’ve never been behind, our QB is still taking shots even from a sub par DL like Houston. I’m worry about when a good DL can pin their ears back and legitimately go after Sam. Especially with CMC not in the game plan.
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