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Draft Analysis: "A massive value-destroying error"?

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10 hours ago, thennek said:

Agree or disagree, Rhule believes Sam is just as good as Fields or Jones which is why they picked Horn. We will see if this was the right decision soon. 


That said, if "they" are wrong what are the ramifications?

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, CRA said:

I don’t think his take is dumb....it’s just not your take.

I think the management overall of the QB situation in a small window likely factored in too

-they looked bad in how the Cam era ended here 

-they brought in and overpaid Teddy and that blew up in their face

-they looked bad throwing Teddy under the bus as they failed in pursuing Stafford/Watson (we are fortunate in hindsight there)

- they worked themselves into a position Teddy had to go and a scenario existed where a QB might not even be available in the draft at #8.  So they had to acquire someone before the draft to prevent a going backwards scenario (which would have been not having a QB fall to 8 and ending up with just Grier and Walker) 

- Teddy fiasco went so bad they are having to pay him to be the starting QB in Denver 

Then a QB fell.  Adding Fields then IMO, to some, also plays into the narrative and spotlights even more so the fact that they have handled that spot extremely poorly in a short window of time here.  

We have seen some bad front offices here.  All over the league too.  They might be one too.  I think you are too quick to paint everything they do as 4 D chess and right.  QB looks pretty messy to me.  To others.   It isn’t outlandish for them to be self aware of how that looks in a small window and it to impact them.   

So you really believe that Rhule and Fitterer passed on Fields because it would've made them look bad after acquiring Darnold?

That's a terrible take, & doesn't jibe with jettisoning TB & paying most of his salary while he plays for Denver. Fitterer and Rhule aren't scared in the least and won't let public opinion sway them in the slightest as it pertains to building the best team possible. They proved it when they acquired Darnold, & proved it again by trading down multiple times.


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4 hours ago, PNW_PantherMan said:

The most likely explanation is the simplest.  Fields or Jones were not viewed as significantly better than Darnold as young QB prospects to justify using the pick on them.

Setting Jones aside...

...what are the measurables that tilt the scale in Darnold's favor?

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Posted (edited)
7 hours ago, CRA said:

...in terms of prospects, Cam was almost unanimously viewed outside the top 10.   


Complete and utter nonsense.  

Pivoting, I was resolute in believing the team would and should have rolled with Cam...

...in hindsight, would that have been better than bringing in Teddy?

(goes to evaluation/decision-making capability)

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5 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Yeah...this is a really dumb take.

You know what really makes people look bad? Losing.

No coach or GM with even half a brain is going to pass up a player they think can help them win just because it might make a prior decision look bad.

Basically, you're spinning it this way because you absolutely can't believe that a group of professional football evaluators could ever possibly disagree with you.

Reality? Yes they can, and they did.

If we still had Marty in charge, you might have an argument. Marty was well known to have done stuff to cover his own ass.

With Fitterer and Rhule? No. They proved otherwise by parting ways with Bridgewater.

So by next year after losing with Darnold, by your estimate they will be parting ways with Sam, correct???

And once again, do they try to trade for a vet or do they learn from THIS YEARS MISTAKE and draft a F******QB!???

Darnold is 3 years proven bust, oh he played for the Jets, look at Tannehill in Tenn, it was Gase, in Brady's system, Rhule can coach him up, Fitterer is not Marty,(who was actually pretty good with first round picks, Fitterer the jury's still out) all these excuses for why he should be good here but when he's still throwing more INTs than TDs what's the argument then?


And a group of professional football evaluators said once upon of time "don't sign D.Brees sign Culpepper, draft Ronnie Brown over A.Rodgers...

Rhule walking a thin line next to Saban.





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Fields wasn't Rhule's guy, or he would be a Panther right now. 

That is all that is needed to move on. 

At this point, fields becoming a success for the bears doesn't mean anything to Rhule. 

Rhule wants his guy more than anything. 

They feel Sam is their guy, sink or swim. 

If sam sinks, then rhule will go after the next guy he feels can fit the team and staff. 

All else is.moot. the talking heads can say whatever they want, doesn't change anything. 

When making a choice on a potential franchise QB,  an ncredible amount of work goes into it. People need to accept that Sam is their man. 

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13 hours ago, CRA said:

Nothing to disagree with.  I didn't say you draft Cam Newton #1 and just give him one year to be great or draft another QB.

Bears were right to draft Fields.  After Trubisky had the opportunity and time show he wasn't the answer.   They shouldn't of drafted one in Trubisky's 2nd year. 

But we don't have a QB right now.  The rest of the world isn't going to view Sam Darnold as a first round draft pick and pretend like his 3 years starting at QB don't exist.  



Doesn't matter how the rest of the world views him. 

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13 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Ultimately it depends on how Darnold and Fields/Jones pan out. If Darnold flops while Fields and/or Jones become franchise QBs then we fuged up. If Darnold pans out then it doesn't matter that we passed on QBs. Even if Darnold flops it doesn't matter if Fields and Jones both bust too.

In the eyes of those whom are making the choices. They don't care how well fields and jones does. Neither were their choice. 

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12 hours ago, CRA said:

I think you are trying over complicate this.

If you draft a QB high.....you give him a real shot.  No one expecting the bar to be Cam Newton blowing the doors off out of the gate or you go back to the draft.   You give a Mitch Trubisky legit time.  Which he got.  Then they moved on.  

Teams that don't have a QB should be looking to solve that as their first priority in today's NFL. 

adding Dwayne Haskins, Sam Darnold, etc in 2021 can't be viewed on par with going to the NFL draft and acquiring a top 10 QB. 

That where you fail. In the eyes of the men whom are coaching and running this team, they have.  


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9 hours ago, CPsinceDay1 said:

Let's just be honest, Fields sliding to 8 was very slim before they traded for Darnold. So after trading for Sam, they didn't want to look stupid, drafting Fields as Chris Simms kept pointing out. To me, they were worried about public opinion and value their own. What ever happens... sticking with Darnold over Fields/Mac is going to defined Rhule and Fitterer dynasty.

Tepper wanted Fields, but he let the football gurus take a swing.

I guess he doesn't want to come across as the next Jerry Jones.



Let's be real honest. 

The front office doesn't give a damn what you or anybody else thinks of their moves. 


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9 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Nope, sorry. It's silly.

The notion that they're going to make a football decision for PR reasons is just dumb.

Agreed . No football team is going to be scared or what their decisions look like to others. 

Cept i won't call it silly. It's ignorant. 

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11 hours ago, CRA said:

they haven't had a losing season the last 3 years.  And they pulled that off with really bad QB play.   Worse places for a young QB to land.   

Allen Robinson is a legit stud WR IMO and they got a good TE group.  With a good defense providing aid and helping situational football.  I mean it isn't a bad spot for a rookie QB form a talent aspect.  He doesn't need to do that much early on.  And they could always improve the talent around him and add a weapons as he develops. 


They’ve had 3 winning seasons in 10 years.

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