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Panthers bring back Julian Stanford

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41 minutes ago, Smithers said:

I watched every snap last year and never remember hearing his name 


4 minutes ago, Khyber53 said:

I watched every danged game and I don't remember hearing his name called once. Good for him, though! Good luck dude.



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Stanford spent the 2020 season with the team and appeared in all 16 games. He was mainly a special teams contributor, playing 62 percent of the team’s snaps on the unit. He also received 16 defensive snaps


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13 minutes ago, KSpan said:

Guy's apparently been in the NFL since 2012. Who knew?

That coupled with the fact that many folks (including me) didn’t know he was on the team makes me want to pull for this guy.  Plugging away for 8 years and fighting for every minute of playing time.  I have to root for this man

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    • Based on his almost conflicting thoughts there you could argue he is either on the fence or not wanting to give away what they're thinking just yet. Guessing a little bit of both. What he says about Moton being valuable where he is and the best rushers coming from the right is pretty important in this context though.
    • Yeah, that's... not even close. Moton himself talked to SI and said that it was challenging because it was so different than what he was used to, but even then he said he was willing if that's what the team needed. Bottom Line: At no point did he express that he didn't want to do it. Nor did Rhule say anything like that. 
    • https://www.panthers.com/news/ask-the-old-guy-mattresses-pork-and-line-play What does the organizational chart look like? Is it David Tepper > Matt Rhule = Scott Fitterer, or Tepper > Rhule > Fitterer? Are the coach and GM considered equals, or does one report to the other? Based on what I know about how Tepper ran his other businesses, my guess is the latter. — Jay, Hermosa Beach, Calif. These questions always feel like traps, because it almost suggests a level of conflict or wielding superiority that doesn't appear evident. To make a long story short, Rhule runs football here. Tepper paid him a lot of money to come here and build something according to his design. He and Fitterer both report to Tepper, but Rhule's in charge. Rhule and Fitterer have a good and complementary relationship, and the chemistry and respect they have shown as they get to know each other seems genuine. But yeah, if you want to make a chart, Rhule is the top non-Tepper name on it.   So, there you have it. One of life's mysteries pertaining to the Panthers' hierarchy of power, has been answered by Darin Gantt. And before someone says Hurney had more power, the hiring of Matt Rhule effectively cut Hurney's power off at the knees. But, even if you just stubbornly refuse to accept that "truth", you know who to blame from this point forward. Until Tepper says otherwise, the buck stops with Rhule!
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