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1 minute ago, kungfoodude said:

Male cheerleader getting R. Kelly'ed?

I don't get to attend many games at all, so I rarely even see cheerleaders, good or bad, male or female

Zod showed one lady years back in the rain.  It was like the other side of the Luke in the rain pic.  Both were fantastic

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1 hour ago, Zod said:

My lady (former topcat) says the dudes that made this squad are amazing dancers and she is really excited to watch them perform. A lot of emphasis on dancing ability has always been a thing in Carolina, unlike other places that concentrate on looks first and foremost. 

The Hornets had DJ's and Male/Female dance squads during halftime this year and it was cool. You're already watching a sport, cool to watch a broad range of people who are also insanely talented at their craft instead of run of the mill cheerleading

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My high school had male cheerleaders back in the late 90's.  I had no idea this wasn't commonplace.  Competitive cheer squads usually have males because they make a strong base for pyramids etc.

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    • It seemed on par with the Joe Burrow talk in 2020. 
    • Teddy's in a great place for him - somewhere with a high-quality defense, some other offensive talent to do the heavy lifting, and that has been starved of even reasonable QB play for so long that his low-risk, high-percentage style looks amazing. It helps a lot that they've played the Division 2 of the NFL so far but with that defense Denver might sneak into the playoffs as a Wild Card (assuming the Chiefs wake the hell up) and bow out in the first or second round a la Alex Smith as the peak. For Denver fans, that will be amazing this year. No question though that Carolina is better off and I still speculate that Teddy drank his own Kool Aid and needed a dose of humility that he likely got after last season. He never should have been brought to Carolina in the first place but what's done is done and everyone is better off with him elsewhere. Sam is looking cautiously promising with plenty still to prove. it's encouraging that he seems to have already made some strides vs last year in NY.
    • Both those teams had a top 5 oline. We are…what…31? It just doesn’t work like that. Weapons don’t matter cmc or no cmc. The defense is legit, but the oline will be exposed vs. competitive teams. I only hope Darnold stays healthy for next year and they attempt to fix it. If Rhule goes deep in the playoffs with the worst oline in the NFL and zero special teams, without a HOF qb, he will be smashing NFL records that have held for decades and should truly be considered the future and one hell of a coach.
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