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Sam Darnold comes in at No. 19 in Chris Simms' Quarterback rankings


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3 hours ago, SBBlue said:

Their theme is superiority.  They think they are the real fans with better logic, better critique,  better morality, meanwhile being aholes to people they disagree with and derriing the coach, qb and managment.


Ever stop to think "they" just may be right?

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2 hours ago, SizzleBuzz said:


Ever stop to think "they" just may be right?

Mocking someone(me) for becoming a fan of this team while following Sam here?

No.  They are not right.

What they are....are f'n jerks.

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12 hours ago, SBBlue said:

being aholes to people they disagree with

You want one set of standards for how you are treated but you use a different set for others and start namecalling. That is not being consistent.

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    • He and Greenberg loved Sam as a person.  I know everyone focuses on QB Darnold, but we just love the fact that he is such a fine young man.  During the Draft they were talking about his spotless and genuine character.  I know it’s of little importance here, most love the brash, strutting bravado, but I agree with his mama, she’s prouder of the man, then the football player. “Southern California quarterback Sam Darnold backed up all of the hype about him being an exceptional leader and teammate Thursday. Darnold rushed back to Los Angeles from his pre-draft visit Wednesday at Browns headquarters in Berea so he could throw to running back Ronald Jones during his makeup pro day at USC. Jones and wide receiver Deontay Burnett worked out because hamstring injuries prevented them from fully participating in the Trojans’ pro day last month. Former Washington and Utah quarterback Troy Williams threw to Burnett. USC offensive coordinator Tee Martin told the Beacon Journal/Ohio.com that Darnold surprisingly appeared on campus after Jones summoned him on short notice. Widely considered the favorite to be drafted first overall by the Browns on April 26, Darnold had already turned in an impressive throwing session March 21 during USC’s original pro day with Cleveland’s team brass in attendance, but that didn’t stop him from helping Jones. “When you talk about what kind of guy he is, who does that when you have everything to lose and nothing to gain by doing that?” Martin, who also coaches USC’s receivers, said Thursday during a phone interview. “He had a teammate call him out of the blue. It wasn’t something that was planned. “He gets a call yesterday, and he drops everything else. [Darnold said], ‘Yes, I’ll be there for you, man,’ and gets on an airplane, lands in L.A. this morning, comes over at like 6:30 in the morning and throws for Ronald Jones. I mean, it’s crazy. And everyone’s like, ‘What, Sam?’ No one expected him to be here, and he’s here because he said, ‘Hey, man, my teammate called. He needed me.’ So he came. That’s unbelievable.” Jones told L.A. reporters Darnold switched his flight back from Cleveland to ensure he would be at USC on time. “He’s always been the man,” Jones said. Martin said he wasn’t sure why the arrangements for Darnold to participate weren’t set until the last minute, “but it’s a credit to Sam, how unselfish he is and the type of teammate he is.”  
    • The AD, Blake James, is tied to Manny Diaz - paid a $4m buyout of his contract a week after he had him in the building (Diaz was the DC, left to take the Temple HC job, then Richt retired. Less than 36 hours later Blake James had hired Diaz back). If Diaz is fired I'm 90% sure James will be fired too. Same AD overlooked Cristobal and the rumour is Mario holds a grudge about it and wouldn't work with the guy. So unless influential Board of Trustee members are reaching out to test the water with Cristobal (which could be happening as they'd be the ones footing his buyout) I don't know where that rumour has come from - 'cos there's no chance Blake James is. 
    • Only one man for this job:  Earl F'n Campbell
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