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Panthers announce front office positions

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1 hour ago, Jared Patterson said:

Arent we still looking to add Ryan Poles in some capacity or has that passed?

The Chiefs gave him a promotion.

And he's not alone. Three or four other guys who interviewed with us also got promotions from their old teams.

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18 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Interesting changes...

Pat Stewart is basically third in command now as Vice President of Player Personnel. Jeff Morrow used to be the Executive Director of Player Personnel while Stewart was just the plain old Director, but Morrow's taking a "senior consultant" role in college scouting (which is what a lot of front office types do right before they retire).

Worth noting that Morrow is probably the longest tenured guy in the front office right now, and arguably the guy with the biggest ties to the old administration. The other candidate for that would be Director of Pro Personnel Matt Allen. I know some folks don't take kindly to having Jerry Richardson's grandson still be part of the team but from what I've read, he's well respected and good at his job.

A couple of coaching to front office transitions: They moved EJ Barthel from a coaching assistant to a pro scout. Looks like we'll only have one of those this year after having two last year (Kuechly and James Blanchard). Also moved Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Gus Felder into a "player engagement" role and gave Corner Coach Evan Cooper a front office title, Director of Player Evaluation. 

I can't say I've ever seen anyone have a dual coaching and scouting role in the NFL. Not unusual to have college assistants also work in recruiting, but you typically don't see that kind of multitasking in the pros. Cooper was one of the people that was in the draft war room this year though and is known to be very well trusted by Matt Rhule.

On the downside, he's also reported to have been one of the first guys to suggest signing Teddy Bridgewater last year 😕

As far as the scouting front, besides having one less pro scout, they also have one less area scout (five instead of six) but they've added two national scouts when we didn't have any of those last year. The team also added two "scouting assistants" (basically interns) and a scouting coordinator. 

One of the scouting assistants is named Corey Fuller. I wonder if that's the guy who used to play for the Vikings and the Ravens. The other, Corey Campbell, is another Baylor guy who used to work for Matt Rhule.

Looks like Fitterer and Rhule are trying to beef up the personnel operation. I know from looking that the overall structure we have now is way closer to what they have over in Seattle then what they used to have here.

Here's hoping it pays off.

Appreciate this breakdown of the front office changes, Mr. Scot. We’ve never had this level of respected pro guys within the organization and this new direction is nice to see. As you said, hope it translates to sustained success on the field (and there’s no reason it shouldn’t).

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17 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Not sure why, but apparently Ian Rapoport considers this particular item noteworthy.



Panthers promote Pat Stewart to VP of Player Personnel
The Carolina Panthers have announced the promotion of Pat Stewart to Vice President of Player Personnel along with a handful of additional moves in their front office.
Stewart was one of a couple internal candidates the Panthers interviewed for their general manager position that ultimately went to Scott Fitterer. He had previously held the title of Director of Player Personnel before getting the V.P. title from the team.
Additionally, the Panthers have brought in Jared Kirksey (Jaguars) and Tyler Ramsey (Seahawks) as national scouts, Jon Howard (Patriots) as an area scout, Samantha Diamond (Fordham University) as scouting coordinator, and former NFL players David Cobb and Corey Fuller as scouting assistants.
The team also hired Cole Spencer as Director of College Scouting. He had previously served with the Washington Football Team.
E.J. Barthel was moved to a pro scouting role from his previous position as a coaching assistant. Jeff Morrow was also promoted to a senior personnel executive from his prior scouting role.
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55 minutes ago, ladypanther said:

A lot of new additions.  With all of the changes..Mike Allen is still here.  He must be really good at what he does to overcome being JR's grandson.

You mean Matt?

And yeah, from what I've read that actually seems to be the case... at least so far. It's possible that could change is Rhule and Fitterer get more of their own guys in.

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4 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

You mean Matt?

And yeah, from what I've read that actually seems to be the case... at least so far. It's possible that could change is Rhule and Fitterer get more of their own guys in.

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