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Elton John is coming to Bank of America Stadium

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Great! Now if you guys can just manage to make sure we hear Neil Diamond every week at the stadium, that'd be even better! One particular song is all we're asking for at the end of every home game.

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Saw him in 1974 at Dodger Stadium....great show, but Jimi Hendrix and Cream were better concerts. IMO, of course.  Howlin’ Wolf in SF opening for the Stones was jaw dropping, Bob Marley at Gazzari’s was also great.  I’m so fortunate I got to see every major act of the late 60s and 70s in concert.

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    • Again, it’s this is not the signal of a rebuild.   None of these players on face value will be playing for this team in 1-4 seasons at least. The only ones I could see getting a shot at the roster this season or next are the two Fins we took in the second round. This isn’t the NFL where all these guys are looking at a roster spot this season.    Our core is still completely intact. Minus the obvious dougie, Martinook, McGinn, Svech contracts this off-season. I bet we’ll see Jarvis make his debut too. Everyone is really high on him. That leaves us with only a few holes to plug. If Ned wasn’t traded nobody would be freaking out right now.  All these players are to get them into our new AHL partner and start building for 3 years down the road when a lot of this cores contracts are up outside of Slavin. Aho is up in three as well as Rod.   So we basically have three years to win a cup. Don is already planning out another young core for when that time comes. So it’s more pre-emptive than a rebuild. If Aho or Slavin wanted out. That’s when you call it a full blown rebuild panic time. Obviously if svech isn’t signed soon I’m gonna be annoyed. But he’s RFA with no arbitration so it’s only a matter of time, we just have to tender him. 
    • Need to roll over all 24 if possible. Much to my dis-taste last year about spending 60(?) mill in cap, for a 3 win to increase its total to 5.  Herniay only knew how to spend to win. Save up for a rebuild was NEVER part of his plan.....   No much in the vein of 25-ish players out on the market. There are some names, about the only ones that I feel could help are former panthers - Boston, KK, but mainly Okung. I dont want anyone, unless Okung wants a 6 million type of deal...... just in case Darnold is a real QB, that maybe enough to prevent him form getting hurt.   
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