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The worst with a clean pocket, the worst in the red zone…

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Yeah it’s the David Carr Effect. If you are getting hit on 75% of your throws you get happy feet and rush passes during the 25% you are protected. They begin to expect pressure even when it’s not there, because more times than not it is. It happens with most QBs except it’s during the span of a game vs the whole season. How do you beat Tom Brady? Get pressure on him, get him off rhythm and even his passes from a “clean pocket” will be off. 

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3 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

We shall see.  But to dismiss a player before his first camp is also trash.

His first camp?? The man been in the league for 3 years already. Blame the Jets all you want, like we’re some first class organization that has a history of building around QBs LOL. 

Don’t be mad at me ability to see the storm before the rain hits my head. 

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38 minutes ago, AceBoogie said:

Your QB, Sam Darnold. 

Sam is trash

You're not pushing any narrative that hasn't been discussed beyond the point of reasoning. 

Why don't you STFU until we're playing live, regular season football?

Or is that concept to simple for you to grasp? Stop being an idiot. 

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8 minutes ago, The Huddler said:

its going to be glorious when Sam breaks out this season

It’s just glorious to not have Teddy anymore. I don’t care about our record, the young D way overachieved last year when they were expected to be bottom of the barrel. Having a year more experienced DJ, having Samuel come into his own, adding Anderson and somehow scoring less than the Kyle Allen led offense was awful to watch.

It’s best for our future if Sam plays like his #3 pick potential, but I’m just glad we are taking a shot and if he fails miserably, we are all in on Watson or a rookie QB.

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39 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

We shall see.  But to dismiss a player before his first camp is also trash.

His 4th camp....

His 1st with us, a lot of the same excuses / hype were made for T2G, I'm waiting to see. However; I was 100% on board with Fields, talent / value of the rookie contract with Sam AT THAT TIME only on a 1yr / 4M deal. 

I would have let them battle it out in camp, and used the money to sign a corner this off-season or next. I'd have been ok going after a Peterson, Sam doesn't strike me as a get us to the playoffs talent, and I don't see anything in his game that could be considered elite -- at least with guys like Cam (early), Lamarr, Russel, Kyler, and even Josh Allen is they possess upper tier athleticism so even if you say they process slower:

1) You have to account for them in the run game, short yardage / redzone

2) Limits man coverage as the DBs eyes are off the QB

3) Makes the HB better

Now if you want to throw in the OSU QB stigma, USC HAS THAT SAME STIGMA (Leinart, Sanchez, JDB, Barkley, etc.)

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