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Aaron Rodgers to retire?

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Just now, Moo Daeng said:

Poor stupid Toomers.

Which makes you what then? I forgot more yesterday about football than you will ever know. Which is proven every day with your sentence fragment whines. Wanna compare. Anytime you’re ready. But we know that you, or the other “cheerleaders” will never do that because it would show the truth. 

   Anytime you want to test football acumen…I’m game. It won’t take long to show the “stupid” one among us. Or continue to deflect away from any and all discussions of the team and football. 

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Just now, iamhubby1 said:


Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. He was working on a bike. Bikes have brakes. Freudian slip. But no. You just gotta jump in with both feet. Jackazz.


Are you really that dense you couldn't get the inference? And here I thought you were the smartest one here? Oh noes, my hero has a flaw.

Try not to get emotional. I know that is hard for you. Your keyboard is probably taking a pounding as you are thrashing the F5.

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