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Our vaccinated rate vs Washington…what’s the difference? Ron Rivera “very frustrated”

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With our vaccinated rate being one of the best in the league I read articles like this today with the WFT having less than HALF and I wonder…what’s the difference? Is it how the players react to the message from coaches? Buy in from ownership?  Players bonding together against it? Seems crazy to me that players would put so much at risk by not getting a shot that proves it will save lives. Check out the article below…I found it very interesting compared to our results:

Washington coach Ron Rivera has attempted this offseason to educate his players about vaccinations, but the message hasn’t gotten through to many of them. And Rivera isn’t happy about it.

Rivera, who battled cancer last year and has taken extra precautions to avoid getting infected with COVID-19, said it bothers him that almost half of his players still haven’t gotten the vaccine.

“I’m truly frustrated. I’m beyond frustrated. Part of the reason I walk in with a mask on is I’m immune-deficient,” Rivera said, via Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. “I just hope that our guys can understand that.”

Rivera is right to be frustrated. The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and are the only way out of the pandemic that has ruled our lives for nearly a year and a half.




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1 minute ago, Ricky Spanish said:

I really do feel sorry for Ron in this situation. It really baffles me how little that team seems to care about Ron's health considering his cancer issues last season. 

Very true. Seems to be a culture issue and you know Ron’s the single guy who they expect to change an entire organization that’s in the gutter because of a horrible owner.



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Tell you what- in the small time Rhule has been here, the focus, leadership, and results sure feel different form RR. Too early to tell, with convid plus void roster of talent/vets, Rhule sure put out a team that was in alll but around 10 quarters. 

The no BS OTAs when players showed up told me plenty about Rhule's respect factor. 

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Most of the people who won’t get vaccinated are not the ones that will die from it. It’s at risk people like Ron, which really sucks. Like the guys on the team have already said, it’s a personal choice. When I was in the army I got like 13 shots in one day, and who knows what they shot me up with. I can still get a boner, so who cares? Get vaccinated. 

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3 minutes ago, SizzleBuzz said:

Seems like the preponderance of un-vax'd players skew to the best-players/super-stars...

...appears the "strong man" is sticking it to the little guy...


As nobody outside the Org. knows the exact numbers. This is a blatant attempt to mislead folks. 


You make it extremely difficult to pull for you when you do this ish.

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