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Thursday Panthers Camp Updates


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Random question, anyone remember that time joe person walked through an interview for no reason.  I remember seeing the video here and I believe it happened during training camp a few years back.  Was gonna show someone, but I can't find the video.

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4 hours ago, saX man said:

We have a lot of pure football types and I love it.

A few non-rookie names I'm quite keen on:

  • Jermaine Carter Jr. - I think will be a starter
  • Marquis Haynes - Has improved steadily every year, crowded line but he makes plays
  • Morgan Fox - yes please.  He's possibly my favorite addition this year FA wise
  • Omar Bayless - Do not sleep on this man folks 

I slept on Bayless once. He didn’t call the next day….

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3 hours ago, Scott12345 said:

Sounds like our DBs are already getting roasted


Once you figure out how Training Camp actually works. These things won't seem so foreign to you.


1 hour ago, Newbie said:

I’m sorry, that’s funny. Must point out that I haven’t heard anything about Horn, Chinn or Taylor getting roasted. 


That's his schtick. Say something outrageous so someone will reply. He goes from thread to thread fishing for a response. The saying is, don't feed the Trolls.


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Lets just say I watched the entire live stream and Burns was lined up against whoever was LT (couldn't quite see for sure) while Moton (I could see) was definitely lined up at right and he got to the QB faster than running a straight line w no one blocking. Literally dipped right around the guy each and every time. 

Edited by Jared Patterson
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2 hours ago, SBBlue said:

Us noobs don't care much for it either.  I understand the security upgrade and all. But I don't care much for the badge stuff, or the way it shows post count and rep points.  I liked knowing who the vets were.

I don’t see post count or rep points. Do you have click on the person. I don’t like not being able to see my stuff anymore.

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    • That's nothing,  I'm the Senior Custodial Manager and CEO with an MBA in refuse collection. Top that!
    • Treated plenty of patients with grade 3 hamstring tears with normalized gait patterns, have you?   I know you are probably oblivious  to this but I’m the guy evaluating the patients and prescribing the plan of care for assistants and technicians to distribute treatment.    Not trying to flex, just want you to understand the magnitude of how ignorant you’re sounding.
    • I mean it's demonstrably not the worst feeling possible because we didn't implode and let it be a close game (since we're excluding the worse outcome of actually losing from our worst possible feeling scale, which feels a bit wrong unto itself.  Leading with 'I know it could be worse but isn't this the worst possible feeling for the not record we find ourselves with??' feels *silly* pessimistic).  Yes there were some sloppy moments after CMC went out (duh?) but they figured it out and adjusted, Darnold showed he isn't going to fold like a wet napkin when things get rough, they seem to be figuring out the 3rd quarter, pass rush is still nasty, we don't have an offense with only one option that's now fuged, we don't have a defensive backfield without a usable backup, we don't have to start PJ Walker b/c of some Darnold injury, on and on.  So no definitely not the worst possible feeling even for the very specific situation that's allowed in the question. We won the game, convincingly, without that stink of 'well they half-assed and lucked their way into that win' all over it.  Enjoy it for a minute before borrowing trouble.   For myself?  Like a lot of other people when the injuries started I was starting to get a little worried in game and frankly, in spite of the injuries, I enjoyed watching the team NOT fug it up.  I'm happy they put their heads down, adjusted, and got their poo done.  Am I happy about the injuries? No.  The team's overall performance?  Yep.  I like watching my team win and I'm happy we have a coaching staff that I trust to make the best of the situation we find ourselves in.   And just for the record IMO 3-0 with injury related concerns is >>> 3-0 with barely-won games, poor play, and a boat load of luck to get there.  Besides all we've heard for two weeks is "let's see what they do when there's some adversity!  fugin Panthers"...well in this case when we had some adversity we won.  I'll take that any game.
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