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Bits and pieces from Panthers Wire about last night's practice

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16 minutes ago, cookinbrak said:

DJ gonna be taking quick slants to the house.

Or Robby.  Or Marshall.  Or CMC.  I believe any of them can successfully line up in the slot, and pose a very big threat to a defense.

This should be fun to watch.  It's exciting to hear that Darnold is acclimated to these over-the-middle throws.  I'm tired of sideline outs. They can't go to the house, like a broken tackle in stride can.

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1 hour ago, Top Dawg 2 said:


Excuse the clone, but my regular account seems to be having issues and has locked me out. It keeps saying wait 14 minutes, but 14 minutes is apparently all afternoon.

Anyway, come on, Scot. There's a reason why the info about their families is in parentheses. @KSpan was exactly correct. No news isn't necessarily good news, particularly if there seems to be a developing theme (at least from everything I've read) that the O-line play looks discouraging. Of course, I kind of added some context in the next paragraph...So, no, I'm not hating on a man spending time with his family in any situation!

No news has always been good news with O lines.

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24 minutes ago, Moo Daeng said:

No news has always been good news with O lines.

That would be OK, but unlike these notes, others' observations (including Igo's) have been that the O-line's play has been less than stellar. But it's just the first few days. Things may turn once the guys can put hands on the D-line.

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    • Here is what Houston Texans fans are saying about their Thursday night game against the Carolina Panthers.    On the Carolina Panthers I really cannot disagree with much here. The Panthers struggled to beat a very bad Jets team and the Saints game could be an anomaly with them missing so many coaches during the game. Still, it is the Panthers defense that makes me think the Panthers are for real this season. 10 sacks in 2 games. That is difficult to argue against.    On the importance of losing their starting QB In what world do you automatically mark a W because of Taylor? lol. Unless Deshaun Watson was playing again this game was always going to be favored by the Panthers. The Texans are in a dumpster fire period of their history with perhaps the worst front office/head coaching combo in the league.    On the prospects of their own rookie QB Sounds like they have a Jimmy Clausen type situation on their hands. Texans may be picking 1 overall.    On signing Cam Newton This guy gets it. The Texans are on the decline in a big way. Why pull that bandage off slowly? Play your rookie, lose your games. Trade Watson and load up with lots of draft picks in 2022.  A proper rebuild is in order.     
    • This is my favorite sports show on You Tube and totally agree with this list. 
    • The two spots that I felt like were our weakness were LBs and OL. I think it has to be LBs that I eat the crow for, at least for now. Because I honestly think our o-line is still a little bit of hot garbage. Run blocking seems horrible. Pass blocking looks to be better than horrible, but I'm not sure how much of that is the line and how much of that is Darnold and the coaches. I think we are scheming around the horribleness. Not sold on OL yet. 
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