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Sam Darnold has found his spot to be normal

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2 hours ago, Gipetto said:

A lot of qbs turned into alphas after getting a second chance though. 

what happens when a beta tries to hang with the alphas?

Warning not suitable for children

*mod note*.... we're not having that poo in here.



Edited by rayzor
Way over the line
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14 minutes ago, Cam Lawter said:

why are you posting animal snuff on this forum? You really think that poo is funny? You are one sick sadistic dude

it was a joke....beta vs alpha...u should choose your terms wisely....or become the butt of jokes...they do it to me all the time, when they can...

but there's a reason i also put a warning...for the sensitive...*N ive seen way more offensive stuff as regards to race so dont even....why most on here don't want to see PJ succeed over Darnold, or why they happy Cam, or Teddy is gone...so let's not...* 

but yeah you can't become Alpha you either born with it or not....does that help 

Edited by CPsinceDay1
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