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Official New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Gameday Thread!


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24 minutes ago, joemac said:

So is Darnold and we needed a CB1 in the worst way. Horn has been incredible thus far. I’d say we’re good. 

Yes. Because we haven't hear his name a lot so far besides that pick, people don't understand his importance but he's played lights out so far in his brief career. He's shutting down his man and it's HIS ability that's allowing us to blitz like we are. His addition plus Reddick and Fox has allowed Snow to run the defense the way he wants. This defense is great and will make us a potential playoff team with the play of the offense. The offense needs more time to reach their potential and we will have to improve our OL in the future but we have the foundation of something special here. 

Horn was a great pick and has made our team much better both this season and definitely for the future. Anyone who can't see that is blind. Darnold for a 2nd and getting Horn at 8 was gold for us. Our staff knows what's up. Eventually those fans that haven't got it yet will. 

I wish Fields all the best but he doesn't play here so I don't care about him. I'm more than happy with Darnold and Horn instead.  

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2 hours ago, Newbie said:

Other then Sam’s bad interception this was a perfect win. Our defense is so good we only need Darnold to be solid. 

I’m re-evaluating ..  ball must travel a ( 1, One ) yard to be an interception..  No it wasn’t a fumble. 
It was Darnald handing the ball to Nu Aweleans the ball .  
He will attend a mandatory therapy where he learns it Ok , not to give the other team the ball.  This is all a derivative of playing for the Jets too long ..  

This won’t happen again  

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