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Cowboys Week: Boycott List


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14 hours ago, SCP said:

I tweeted this out yesterday but I feel it’s important to share on several platforms. It’s officially Cowboys week for us. The Dallas Cowboys and their acid washed denim wearing inbred fans are like portapotty’s; you see them everywhere and they all wreak of turds marinating in blue chemical water and you only interact with them if you’re intestines are about to burst out of your brown eye. Without Cowboys fans, Wrangler jeans would’ve gone out of business 40 years ago. This is why I’m calling for an official boycott of all things that Cowboys fans love and cherish. For the next 9 days, I will boycott the following:

Kirkland brand clothing
Dollar General
Ford Aerostar’s
Faded Glory jorts
White cross trainers
Busch Light
Fanny packs
Golden Corral
Farmersonly dot com
Preparation H
LA Gear
Reebok Pumps
KOA campgrounds
Tube socks
Dial-up Internet 
Dirt roads
Mountain Dew
Great Value ketchup
Braided belts
Tighty white underwear
Interstate rest stops
Cricket Wireless
Cheese puffs
Wings Beach Stores 
Beta Max videos
Bass Pro Shops
Bel Biv Devoe
Jiffy Pop
White Snake
Kris Kross
Gas station showers
Atari 2600
Armour Potted Meat
Myrtle Beach
Huddle House
CPAP machines
Velvet paintings 
Diabetic socks
Malt-O-Meal Honey Nut Scooteers 
Jitterbug Flip phones 
Diabetic socks 

Loves Truck Stops
Walmart scooters




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Skoal is the Walmart brand of dip. Like, sure, it's not the worst and there are definitely worse options to be had, but my god why would you purposefully choose it over some of the other clearly better options that won't hit your wallet any harder?

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