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Panthers about to trade for CJ Henderson?!?!


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Just now, theinstrumental said:

I'm confused by the lack of love for this trade so far. This is a straight up robbery. We traded a marginal journeyman out of a crowded skill position group and a third rounder for a top-ten talent who's only on the trade block because he doesn't get along with the most obviously unqualified NFL coach in recent memory. And we got a pick back! It's a massive win, this thread should just be gif reactions and pie

Oh I'm pumped.  I love Henderson's talent and he fits this defense so, so well.

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I love this trade! We just replaced a top 10 pick with another in less than a week - how often does that happen??

I'll be interested to see how this affects Horn's outlook for the rest of this season. I do think Fitterer was going to try and add a corner regardless to continue to capitalize on the 3-0 start. So I don't think this necessarily means Horn is done for year.

If Horn has let the team know that he thinks his best course of action to get healthy is to end his season and heal then perhaps that expedited this move. I hope Horn does try and come back for the stretch run to hopefully help get this team over the hump and into the playoffs.

Either way, stoked to add a talent like CJ Henderson to this defense.

Panthers have 4 of the top 64 draft prospects from 2020 on this defense.

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If this kid works out with his physical profile and we can get Horn back to 100% next year we have the potential to have a Legion of Boom level defense for the next 4-5 years. Chinn/Horn/Henderson/Jackson in the secondary with our front 7 would be one of the most athletic defensive units in football. Pure speed at every position 

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10 minutes ago, TheCasillas said:

The other piece is that its possible Fitts is playing is hand with Donte. I believe there is an offer on the table for Jackson to extend (zero supporting evidence, other than Fitts comments in week1).

However, we do need 3 starting corners in this league. Considering its a nickel league now.

Agreed, but as with Samuel, you have to let some walk.  This defense can't, by and large, be coming up for contract at the same time in a couple of years with us retaining every piece along the way.  We've already sunk a ton of money in Shaq and just think of all the young guys that come up for contract over the next couple of years.  D-Jax has improved his game, but he's not close to irreplaceable.

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