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Panthers about to trade for CJ Henderson?!?!


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2 minutes ago, Captain Morgan said:

Josh Klein
Panthers are confident that CJ Henderson will be able to play this Sunday vs. Dallas after missing Week 3 with a groin injury. 

Obviously, this is pending a physical.

Pretty obvious this "groin injury" was a way for Henderson to expedite the situation.  "Sorry coach, groin still hurts, cant play this week"

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For those concerned about this trade:

"It's a risk to take him."  No more of a risk than any 3rd round draft pick we would've gotten.

"We needed the pick for O-line."  If we go into next year's draft thinking "we've got to pick O-line," we're screwed before we start.  We go into the draft seeking best available player.  If it happens to fix a hole, awesome.  But never reach just to fill a hole.  Fill it thru FA.  There's no question that getting a #9 overall pick for a 3rd round pick is BPA.

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22 minutes ago, TheCasillas said:

I found the source of the depression narrative. Could be true, but right now it's all speculation. Apparently its based off of twitter follows and likes. 


Seems an overreaction if it's based on likes... And even if there's something there... I think he can get any help he might need.  I think he can be productive if he's in a better place.

Really early to give up on a 1st round Choice.  I think he fell out of favor with Meyer.

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just to flesh out an earlier point I made in this thread (lost in the insane activity of posts in here, wheee)

calling this a great trade or great asset management is not the same thing as saying it's 100% going to work out in the Panthers favor.

Henderson could not work out and this is still a great trade because the process and decision-making around the trade is sound. it's the kind of decision-making that perennially great teams make, and I'm totally here for it.

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The more I think about it, maybe this move to get CJ was a preventative move against out competition as well. 

With Horn's injury we definitely needed to add more depth to the position. But also note that Tampa Bay was window shopping for cornerbacks as well, they actually reached out to Richard Sherman before the Panthers did.

So maybe this was a move to take a piece off the board before the Buccaneers who have a suspect DB backfield. 

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2 hours ago, LinvilleGorge said:

Arnold just hasn't been the type of receiving threat we anticipated him being and he's a a blocking liability. Thomas looks serviceable and Tremble may be ready to take on the starting role.

Yeah Arnold didn’t look fast and seemed really easy to tackle through 3 games.

On the other hand Tremble looks really athletic and seems to have good hands so we might as well give him more reps to speed his development 

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