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Panthers were in trade talks for CJ even before Horn was injured


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2 minutes ago, TrevorLaurenceTime22 said:

The Panthers want an elite defense for the foreseeable future.

But..but but. but that's too old school.  You have to have the elite-iest QB to win a SB now.  You know, like when Manning showed up Cam in the SB.  Or when Brady embarrassed Mahommes.  /sarc

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This is excellent context. It tells me 

1.) We've been working on depth before injuries. It tells me that that we're probably doing the same at other positions of need. 

2.) We really dont know how this will effect DJax negotiations. We have money. We dont have draft picks. We may be able to move some things around to keep him. (Cmac restructure?)

3.) If you've watched this defense... having fast, rangy corners is really a big part of what helps us control the run game. And when our pass rush is this elite... those guys can be physical and opportunistic. 

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28 minutes ago, mrcompletely11 said:

I am not sure how that is possible

Long story short:

Horn under contract through 2026 *including* 5th year option

Henderson's guaranteed money is being paid by JAX, and is under contract through 2024, and has a 5th year option available for 2025

We can pay Jackson and so long as the deal / guaranteed money wraps by the 2024 - 2025 season we are fine. 

That is how you are able to keep all three for the next several seasons. 

Also Donte' is likely viewed as a #2 or #3 by ''most'' teams, will he get paid sure, but it won't be top tier money, at 5'10'' and 180 lbs his matchups are by niche, he can't guard a Mike Evans, or DK Metcalf, that's what guys the size of Horn and Henderson are for. 

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27 minutes ago, therealmjl said:

Of course you can.

Schematically it doesn’t work out that well. All 3 of our guys excel on the outside.

Horn spent A LOT of the Saints game as the Nickel defender, Henderson has tape there as well from JAX. 

Donte' lined up inside, and outside at LSU, and even played off the LOS as a safety at times. 

I'm not to worried about scheme fits, these guys are all versatile, and TOP tier athletes at the position. 

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