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Official Panthers at Cowboys Predictions Thread


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If we had Horn and CMC, i think we could surprise the Girls, but we dont and I expect our D to do well but gives up some big passing plays. We put up 21  points but it wont be enough.

you know what? screw this, we have the work ethic and two great coordinators. Sam and DJ wins this with 2 minutes to go.

21-17 The Cats

Bold- Dak leaves the game in the 4th quarter and the Black and Blue Crew puts the league on notice that this D is special.

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Dallas 31..........Panthers 17.

No CMC.........no power running game on short yardage.........and a few holes in the defense and they realize they are not quite there yet.

Dallas while no powerhouse plays a good overall game..............

Sucks but I don't see it happening the other way around on the score. 

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My heart says one thing but my mind says no CMC/Horn, the latter being a much bigger loss. Defense will come back to earth some although not helped by short fields thanks to a Darnold fumble or two. Most importantly, have to remember it's a game versus the Cowboys and the officials. That roughing the kicker penalty when we clearly deflected the ball back in 2005 remains a sore point to this day.

I'm hoping this is a 2003 type of deal when we lose in the regular season but get revenge in the playoffs 

Cowboys 27

Panthers 19

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22 minutes ago, Jonah Hill said:

waaaahhh, my team sucks large penises.  I wish my team was as good as the Panthers! 😭

You are the dumbest person alive.  I really hope you don't believe the stuff you spew.

What's sad though is your team got whipped so bad that you have to come back here weekly to cry about it.  I kinda love how you are now our personal bitch.  You really should just go stay on your own forums but you secretly like the abuse, don't you?

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I hope Im wrong but I think this is going to be our first loss. 

The defense will play well but Sam Darnold has gotten away with putting the ball in danger a few games in a row. I think we pay for it this week.

If there is a turnover or a few 3 and outs, we give Dallas a short field, which Dak will take advantage of. I believe in our defense.... but they can't play offense for us.

In one week, we lost two starters on both sides of the ball: Jaycee, Juston, Christian and Dan. As excited as we are about Tommy Tremble, losing Dan Arnold means we lose an experienced pass catcher, who could sit in zones. 

Our Oline was not getting a good push for Christian... much less Chuba.  

Dallas -24

Carolina - 17

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Cowboys battled the Superbowl champ Bucs toe to toe until the end and loss, beat a very good Chargers team in their stadium, then came home and crushed a sorry Eagles team.


Panthers beat a sorry ass Jets team, a slightly better than average Winston led Saints team, and a sorry ass Texans team.  With that said, the Cowboys will come into this game overlooking the Panthers because of their weak strength of schedule thus far....

Panthers 24

Cowboys 17

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