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Panthers in the power rankings before Week 5 vs. Eagles

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19 minutes ago, Gash said:

I have no complaints either. It's a young team with very little depth. 

What other team has the depth to replace a starting cb, a starting safety, another starting cb/safety, all pro RB, run stop DE?

I get tired of hearing about depth, you can only replace so many players without a massive fall. We were unlucky with injuries no amount of backups was going to counter that. 

I guess other teams have pro bowlers/all pros/HoFers waiting in the wings for every injury. 

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I know early success got some folks hyped, but I've still been treating this year as kind of a transitional year.

If you remember Matt Rhule's usual pattern from his college days, we're still pretty consistent with that model so far.

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I agree.  I'd figure we'd take a big drop, but really only dropped with CBS, which had us too high anyway.  It helps us in these rankings that other teams are tumbling hard, like the Saints, Broncos, and SF.  Other teams are propping us up at this point in the rankings.  A loss this week and we'll see a big drop for us.  A win, likely won't move the needle.  The next 5 games any movement to our ranking is more about the teams around us, assuming we win the games we should be winning.

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That's higher than I thought we would be to be honest . Right in the middle of the pack seemingly.  

Don't blame em. First real test of the season we poo the bed but otherwise we've won against lesser competition (with the Saints being an anomaly having so many players and coaches out).

Next big team we have is the Cardinals 11.14 and then it's the bills on 12.19 and two Bucs games near the very end 

I don't think our rankings  or non panther fans perceptions will change much if we win our next few games but it would definitely  be worse if we lost to anyone before the cardinals game in several weeks. 

I think we could still lose both bucs games, cardinals, Cowboys,  bills, and still easily be a wild card with only 5 losses. But it would be worrying if we can't beat any serious contenders . 


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I'm also seeing a distrubing trend of fans just assuming we're going to steam  roll  the eagles when we haven't done that to any team this season.  I'm pretty sure the eagles have some pretty good interior d line and that should scare you. 

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