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Panthers trade for Gilmore


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2 minutes ago, Mage said:

Cooper did not "absolutely burn" him.  It was great coverage.  Coop is just built different.  And Dak has great ball placement.

sooooooooooooooooo.... buuuuuuuuurnt theeeeeeeen..... Gilmore is built different too. Maybe we see one of these guys go over to strong safety? since we don't have one. Whatever position Chinn isn't playing, but then again Chinn got toasted on that one TD as well.

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8 minutes ago, Bartin said:

So basically we are going to pay a 31 year old $15M/year instead of a 25 year old Dante Jackson $15M/year. Not sure how I feel about that.

Jackson isn’t a very good man corner. He gets beat a lot unless he has a safety helping him out.

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24 minutes ago, tukafan21 said:


However, if he comes back healthy and strong, it could be the end of DJax in Carolina.

Cause if we decide to re-sign Gilmore at the top dollar he wants, we won't be able to afford DJax on top of that when we'll already have Horn and Henderson locked up, can't pay for a 4th CB at that point when the money is needed elsewhere like the OL.

DJax will have to move to FS. It would be perfect for him I think.

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2 minutes ago, imminent rogaine said:

Bouye, Henderson, Gilmore…I wonder if any could play FS? Might free up Chinn to help at LB w Shaq out. 

Only one worth trying it with is Bouye. Could be good for both sides. Kareem Jackson extended his career by making that move around age 30. Bouye has the size for it. 

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15 minutes ago, frankw said:

I don't dislike it he should be good for us. But these two moves for corner so quickly within a week of each other only make me wonder more if we should have just taken Slater at 8.

lol, that's like saying "Seeing Bitcoin at $50k now makes me wonder more if I should have bought it at $20 ten years ago instead of that McDonald"...

How was Fitt supposed to know that he going to get these guys for at this price?

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