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Panthers trade for Gilmore

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28 minutes ago, Ivan The Awesome said:


Explain to me how this is "win now" mode when the O-line is literally the worst part of this team and the major fact of the woe's this offense has had AND the major reason we lost to Dallas? This line isn't going to hold up the whole season. 

Tell me how getting a 31 year old CB is Win now mode? Like, what am I missing here. 

That 31 year old CB was the Defensive Player of the Year just 2 years ago.  He didnt just fall off a cliff.  Dude is still one of the top CBs in the game.  

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22 minutes ago, RumHam said:

Also, I think CJ Henderson isn't going to pan out. If Jacksonville, of all teams, was willing to part for a journeyman TE, plus his attitude and the fact he got absolutely burnt, I just don't see it. I also think with today's move, the coaches don't see it either.

looooooooooool based off 1 game with us and 1 play he isnt going to pan out

because the teams took a flier on a dpoy they dont think the other players are gonna work.

huddle gonna huddle

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3 minutes ago, CRA said:

I was this front office was as good at addressing an OL as they are at other positions….given it is the most important overall aspect to winning in the NFL. 

He's only been GM for not even a year... c'mon man.  

I can understand this statement if it was Year 3 of Fitterer and it was still a problem.  But let's see how he does this upcoming offseason.

Let's not forget where we were 2 years ago.  An old as hell team with major holes EVERYWHERE.  And we've done a great job filling them.  OL is the hardest unit on a team to fix.  So can we please wait and see before we act like the front office doesn't give a damn about it?  

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29 minutes ago, DeSim said:

Re-sign him, let D-Jax go at the end of the season and next year we’re looking at:

Stephon Gilmore

Jaycee Horn

CJ Henderson

Troy Pride


Man, if Chinn moves back to SS and we can get a decent FS next year….oh boy. 

Re-sign D-jax & move him to free safety...move Chinn to strong. keep everybody else in the secondary. Trade Robby, get high pick(s), Pay DJ...

One can only dream. 

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5 minutes ago, pantherj said:

It's supposed to be a package deal for a lineman and Gilmore will be in it, but only if the other team takes the bait. They're not saying the details now and it's rumored the info if leaking from one of our scouts. Could be total bs.

Yeah I can’t see that happening.  The optics would look really bad for us, considering Gilmore apparently was involved in the decision to be traded here to be closer to home.  No one is going to want to come here in the future if there’s a sense that they’ll be blindsided once they get to town.

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3 minutes ago, t96 said:

They haven't gotten there yet, opportunity hasn't really presented itself except for Slater I guess but you can't really argue against taking Horn there.

Rumor has it that they considered trading down from 8 but couldn't get the deal they wanted.  My thought at the time is was for Slater.

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10 minutes ago, tukafan21 said:

I'd probably rather move Gilmore there and hope it can extend his career of playing at a high level, similar to Charles Woodson when he went to the Packers and moved to Safety

yeah whichever works. We have too many CBs. Someone has to be able to play FS.

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16 minutes ago, Smittymoose said:

Absolutely not. He's too small. You cannot have him filling primary run gaps. No way.

I dont think he's too small, but anyway he'll be backing up to cover just like all FS do and Chinn would be filling the gap most of the time.

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