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Panthers trade for Gilmore

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5 minutes ago, Snake said:




He's young and with surgery broken bones should be healed by January. Kids not going to be out of shape either. He probably could take a year off and still ball out. The likelihood of us making that far is probably less likely. 

When you're recovering from a foot injury you're not going to be immediately in football game shape no matter how young and talented you are. His dad played over a decade in the league. He's seen these situations before. He's gonna be in Jaycee's ear on how to handle this. He's not gonna let his son put himself in danger of injury by going out there and playing before he should.

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9 minutes ago, Catsfan69 said:

It's more about does this mean Horn might be in trouble long term.

And do I want Gilmore over Djax?

Djax has been playing great and is 6 years younger and Gilmore is coming off PUP

Why would you think he would be in trouble long term?  Hes very young, in great shape and is a top level athlete.  Its not a Liz Frank (fug that bitch) injury.  Broken bones heal up and are just as strong as they were pre-break.  Definitely don't think he should be back this year though.  He should be fine next year though.  Hell, Dak Prescott broke his ankle and it was coming thru the skin a year ago, and now hes back like he never left. 

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10 minutes ago, CarolinaLivin said:

I hate that Djax cannot Tackle and he has improved some (at tackling)... but I do believe he is the most likely option moving to a Safety position. If anyone in the CB does

He has been a fantastic tackler. It'd been very noticeable 

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1 hour ago, CPF4LIFE said:

Im not so sure i value Henderson over D jack right now. DJack has been playing lights out. 

People ignore this so bad he sit down his side of the field and he he’s made every tackle so far .  Oh yeah he gets picks and run a 4.3 but our fanbase don’t like him so they ignore his pros 

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