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Reddick + Jackson + Gilmore cost?


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2 hours ago, Eazy-E said:

One is an all pro who has missed 4 out of the 89 games he’s played. The other was an oft injured player who was already teetering into bust territory. Not even remotely similar.

4 years 90 to 95 million is probably be his market value. We could sign him and depending on structure will still have 40+ million in cap space left.


I wasn't comparing them. I was just emphasising how difficult it will be for folks to get behind a "Bidding War".


Sure we have money. But it seems that overpaying might not be in our new FO vocabulary.

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1 hour ago, Ace420 said:

He is worth a sixth rounder just to have him in the locker room teaching our guys. Plus i imagine he will be our number 1 cover cb this year for our playoff push.


Both of those may just be true.

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3 hours ago, BlackPanther21_ said:

So you get rid of a good-not-great QB after multiple failures since Cam, what do you do then if Darnold is just good but not great, and the QB you replace him with is not? 

I have a feeling Darnold is going to be our QB for the next 10 years. He’s legit as fug. 

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I mean I trust Fitt in negotiations. He got Moton under contract for a reasonable amount after a great season. I'm sure they have plans for all of them. Good GMs can dance on the cap year to year to keep a great unit. See the Saints and Ravens for examples. 

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You have to judge the contract in. Totality. Of course we can afford them all next year. The first year of a new contract are usually cap friendly if 3 years or more.  Not so much with 2  year deals. The bigger task is juggling everything so you can pay your core and add veterans to fill gaps not covered by rookies and guys on their first contract. You hope you become the team everyone wants to play for and you get some hometeam discounts.

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    • he's supposed to learn to be humble from the patriots incident but i think he's just saying that when i see him constantly drawing attention to himself at every chance he gets. these celebrations really make him look like an idiot. can he go one game without any type of excessive celebration? i have his jersey and i like him at the QB position and was happy he got resigned. but one thing I can never stand is his celebration. God chill the fug out with that poo.    you can celebrate all you want when you start winning. until then, don't fuging do it. it makes you and the whole organization and its fanbase look like an idiot when we end up losing by large decifit.
    • Cam is no Stafford at this point but the Rams have one of the best offensive units top to bottom in the league... On the other hand we have such Abysmal coaches everyone but CMC seems to be regressing....
    • I don't think it has anything to do with moving the team. The Market in the Carolina's is one of the fastest growing in the country. There is a reason Tepper is making the moves he is with the Rock Hill Complex and the MLS Team. In 5 to 10 years everything he is invested in will be worth double. He may not know football but this kind of business stuff is his bread and Butter and a major reason he wanted to buy the team. As far as the NFL and the football stuff, It all falls on Goodell and how much of a piece of human trash he is. It is the same story with Rob Manfred and the MLB. David Stern was in that same camp but look at Adam Silver now and what he has done with the NBA. The NBA is the fastest growing sport in the world and at the best place it's been since the world wide draw of Michael Jordan in the 90's 25 years ago. Even though super teams are still a think there are actual signs of parity now that haven't been seen in the NBA in decades. With all of the positive rule changes and things Adam Silver has done since taking over, He is easily the best commissioner in professional sports. Meanwhile guys like Goodell and Manfred are turning their sports more and more into the WWE each year while only caring about making the owners and themselves as much money as possible. They don't give a damn about the actual product they're putting out there. Player safety, cheating??? They let their public relation teams try and manipulate the media into promoting that these things are their top priorities and when these issues actually make it to the forefront, they show their true colors and do the exact opposite of what should be done and go back to their PR teams to sweep the poo under the rug while trying to pull the blinders down over their customers and players faces.
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