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Darnold trade looking better and better


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1 minute ago, Jay Roosevelt said:

I'm still not completely sold on Darnold as "the guy" but the needle is definitely pointing up. Just wish he had a half-decent OL to block for him.

If he gets the team into the Playoffs, would you be convinced?

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1 hour ago, OldhamA said:

We've traded a 3rd round pick (receiving a 5th round pick in return) and a future 6th round pick.

I don't know what game of poker you're playing, but we're absolutely not all-in on a doomsday Playoffs or bust scenario.

We don't even need that many new players next year, Draft O-line w every pick and someone is bound to work out

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54 minutes ago, Tr3ach said:

Of the big 5 qb prospects last draft, 3 of them were gone before our pick.   That leaves two.  If we had taken Jones then 95% of the people on this board (including the ones who wanted to take a qb) would have had a complete meltdown.   That leaves one, the elephant in the room.  No matter how you feel about Fields, the coaches and scouts obviously questioned some things because he was there for the taking and they didnt take him.  Was this overall questions or scheme questions, who knows?  We never will most likely.   Regardless, the fact we didnt draft one of those 2 qbs that were there and signed Darnold's 5th year option the next day tells you how they felt about those qbs, Darnold, and I'm sure they looked at upcoming qbs as well.  I'm pretty sure Rhule and Fitt scout and plan ahead as much as possible. 

My position is and has been that we will know what we have in Darnold by the end of the season and we don't have to have knee jerk reactions after every week. 

The panthers are 3-1 and should go 4-1 this week. Let's enjoy it. I'd rather do that than do what we did with Teddy every week. 

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14 minutes ago, 1of10Charnatives said:

In other news...

The sky is blue.

Water is wet.

Women have secrets.

Also....Women DO Lie.

Just thought I'd throw that out there just because.   star wars ok GIF

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The willis kid isnt really playing anyone and looks a bit small imo.

Rattler I was never a fan of.

Howell, man there is just something off about him.  Locks on his first target and gets happy feet in the pocket.  Seems talented but I would rather go with Darnold than rolling the dice with him.  Like I have posted many times before,  I would be super uneasy if my team drafted Howell to be the man of the franchise. 

As for the others I couldnt tell you if they are worth a first round pick.

Its going to have to be an extreme scenario IMO in which we pick a qb in the first in the 2022 draft.  I would have to imagine a lineman is going to be on the radar no matter how Darnold finishes the season. 

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9 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

It is early but this 2022 QB class looks like it may not have a surefire 1st round pick in it.

Let's hope Darnold is the guy. If he is, our future is so, so, so bright.

I agree, which sucks because my gut tells me we will be picking in the high teens lower 20's and we need good players to be pushed down to us.  We need like 3 qbs to go top 15.  But I aint seeing it unless someone falls in love with Willis or Howell.  poo I doubt Rattler even sees the field again after yesterday

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