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Would Cam Newton have Won This Game?


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No. It would have looked identical probably. The panthers never change. Doesn’t matter who’s coaching/playing this kind of game is their true identity unfortunately 

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6 minutes ago, Hoenheim said:

I'm dead fuging serious man. Sub a healthy Cam for Sam and there's no way we get punked like we just did . 

Sam is regressing VERY quickly. I'm concerned . Teddy was doing better at this point last year. 

Not even slightly trolling. I'm dead serious!


Remember the entire time he was here y’all bitches about him not having an OL or OC. Sams situation is literally worse on both fronts and you’re talking about would he have won.


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5 minutes ago, AceBoogie said:

Cam would have won a lot of games both here and in NE this year. The truth is both franchises could use him. Sadly Cam doesn’t know how to get out of his own way and really isn’t worth discussing in that particular context. 

The real truth is Sam isn’t the answer never was, our future at the QB position isn’t on the roster. Still doesn’t mean this team shouldn’t be expected to compete for a playoff spot. 

Dude you need to drop it, Cam's arm is hanging on by threads and he sucks now. There's a reason no team in the league wants him at this point. And it's not the vaccine, if he was as good as you say teams wouldn't care about that. It's really a shame how his career ended due to injuries but it's the reality.

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